Tuesday, June 30, 2020

During the first three months of pregnancy, it is important for the pregnant mother to keep these bottom lines

After pregnancy, for pregnant mothers, many things need special attention, especially in the first three months. During this period, the fetus is still unstable, and there are many emergencies in all aspects. To keep the baby in your belly safe and healthy, it is important for pregnant mothers to keep a few bottom lines during this time, but don’t regret it until something goes wrong.

Avoid big joys and sorrows, mood swings

During the first trimester, the mood of the pregnant mother is crucial. So this bottom line must be kept for pregnant mothers. Although after pregnancy, due to various reasons, the mood of the pregnant mother may be more likely to be affected, and the ups and downs in various aspects will be relatively large. But the great joy and sorrow are very bad for the fetus in the belly. As an expectant mother, if you do not want to have any accidents with the baby in your belly. During this time, you must control your emotions.

Don't be too easily affected by various things. After pregnancy, especially in the first three months, you must remember that your main task is to protect the fetus and let the baby settle in the womb smoothly. On the contrary, if the pregnant mother is in a moody mood and accidentally accidentally causes the baby to be born, then all aspects will be even more deserving.

Pay more attention to "little things"

Before the third month of pregnancy, the bottom line for pregnant mothers is to pay more attention to "little things". Usually do not do some more dangerous actions, such as lifting heavy objects, climbing high and low, running too fast, etc. These seem not to be major events. In fact, there are many potential threats to the safety of the baby. Some of the best.

Pregnant mothers must pay attention, do not think about just getting pregnant, does not hinder, in fact, just because of pregnancy, the fetus has not yet stabilized, then pay more attention at this time.

Avoid running long distances, too tired

For pregnant mothers, when you are pregnant, you need to pay special attention when you go out. In particular, not long-distance travel, too much fatigue is also very detrimental to the health of the fetus. If you really need to go out, pay more attention to the choice of travel tools. Improper travel tools, plus the long time on the road, these are very unfavorable for the development of the fetus.

In the first trimester, the pregnant mother originally needed more rest. Some pregnant mothers had symptoms of threatened abortion, and even more bed rest was required, not too tired. So when you travel, you need to pay more attention to all aspects. Too much hard work can easily adversely affect the baby in your belly. These bottom lines must be kept, don't regret it if something goes wrong.

In addition to these, during the first three months of pregnancy, pregnant mothers must keep these bottom lines, similar to: if they are sick and have physical discomfort, they need to be under the guidance of a doctor when taking drugs; pay attention to diet , Nutrition should be sufficient; sleep time and quality should also be guaranteed, etc. All these aspects can be achieved, and the pregnant mother and the baby in the belly will be healthier.

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