Friday, June 26, 2020

Drinking tea is particular, what kind of tea is suitable?

1. Green tea: best radiation protection

As the economy continues to develop, there are more and more tools for obtaining information, such as computers, mobile phones, and televisions, and the radiation surrounding our lives is also getting stronger. Studies at the University of Hawaii in the United States have shown that drinking green tea may have an important role in preventing radiation. Because green tea is not fermented, the loss of polyphenolic compounds contained in tea is the least in the entire process, so the nutrients of green tea are best preserved. Since polyphenolic compounds are components that can absorb radiation, naturally their anti-radiation effect is the best.

2. Black tea: heat is good for the stomach

If non-fermented green tea is irritating to the stomach due to the high content of tea polyphenols, then black tea is especially suitable for people with weak gastrointestinal function. Because black tea is fermented and roasted, the enzymatic oxidation reaction of tea polyphenols under the action of oxidase reduces the content and the stimulation to the stomach decreases accordingly. In addition, the oxidation products of these tea polyphenols can also promote human digestion, so from this perspective, black tea not only does not hurt the stomach but also nourish the stomach.

3. Oolong tea: good refreshing effect

Oolong tea is a specialty tea in my country, which belongs to semi-fermented tea. It has been confirmed by modern research that in addition to the general tea, oolong tea has the special functions of refreshing, eliminating fatigue, regenerating diuresis, sterilization and anti-inflammatory, helping digestion, weight loss and beauty, as well as anti-cancer, blood fat, and anti-aging effects.

4. Black tea: the "mate" of meat eaters

Compared with other types of tea, black tea has the highest tea polysaccharide content and the strongest activity. According to the data, tea polysaccharide is an acidic glycoprotein, combined with a large number of mineral elements, has a series of health care functions such as lowering blood sugar, blood lipids, and improving immunity. The black tea that has undergone the fermentation process not only makes the tea more mellow, but also has the effect of removing greasy, fat, and blood fat. Consumers who like to eat meat may wish to drink more black tea.

5. Flower tea: women have a soft spot

In the spring, it is easy to cause people to suffer from spring sleepiness. At this time, it is appropriate to drink a cup of rich, fragrant, refreshing and refreshing flower tea. Huacha can not only refresh your mind and clear your drowsiness, so that "spring sleepy" self-defeating, but also help to expel the cold evil accumulated in the human body in winter, promote the body's yang to grow, refreshing. Using flowers as raw materials, after sun-drying, drinking in water will serve as a cup of fragrant flower tea, which is popular with female friends.

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