Friday, June 26, 2020

Drinking tea is a good thing, but pay attention to these things!

Love tea is a good thing,

But pay more attention to the following things when drinking tea!

1. Tea and medicine will affect the absorption of medicine

In order to save trouble, some people will treat tea as plain boiled water to take medicine. In fact, this is the wrong way. The combination of tea and medicine will affect the absorption of medicine.

Because the tannic acid contained in the tea can react with certain drugs to produce precipitates, which will offset or weaken the absorption of drugs by the human body.

Second, tea and meat can easily cause constipation

The rich protein in meat can chemically react with tannic acid in tea to produce new substances, which affects the peristalsis of the human intestine, thereby prolonging the retention of feces in the intestine.

Especially those who have eaten pork, dog meat, lamb, donkey, think that drinking tea at this time can clear the stomach and greasy.

As everyone knows, this not only can cause constipation without clearing the stomach and intestines, but also increases the possibility of toxic substances and carcinogens being absorbed by the body, endangering human health.

Therefore, it is correct to drink tea every 2-3 hours after eating meat.

3. Tea and ginseng, in vain

American ginseng has the effect of nourishing qi and nourishing yin, clearing heat and regenerating jin. Because of its peaceful nature, it does not conflict with cold tea.

If you change to adult ginseng tablets, it won't work. If the ginseng is hot, when you encounter cold tea, the effect of the two will be offset, and it won't work if you eat it.

Fourth, tea and eggs will affect the absorption of protein

Tea eggs are believed to be familiar to everyone. I always think that eggs and tea are the best match. As everyone knows, tea eggs are an unhealthy food.

Because eggs are high-protein foods, tea contains a lot of tannic acid, and tannic acid reacts with proteins in the food to become indigestible coagulum, which affects the body's absorption of protein.

It can also cause stomach irritation. Regular eating of tea eggs can cause anemia, which can easily lead to calcium deficiency or osteoporosis.

5. Tea and sugar will increase the burden on the heart

Tea tastes bitter and cold. Generally, the purpose of drinking tea is to stimulate the digestive glands with the bitter taste of tea, so that the digestive juice is secreted and the digestive function is enhanced.

The second is to use the coldness of tea to promote the effect of clearing heat and detoxification. Adding sugar in tea will inhibit this effect, so Amy's sister papers should not mistakenly believe that adding sugar to tea is right.

6. Tea and kelp can cause upset stomach

Kelp and tea are cold foods. If you eat kelp while drinking tea, it will cause stomach cold.

7. Cold drinks and hot tea can cause toothache

Everyone knows that one cold and one hot will not only cause sensitive irritation to the teeth, but also easy to get dental disease, and also harmful to the stomach.

Therefore, you should drink hot tea at least 30 minutes after eating cold drinks, so that you can have a buffer period for teeth and stomach and detoxification.

8. Tea and crabs can cause indigestion

Do not drink tea when eating crabs and for 1 hour after eating crabs. Because tea water will dilute stomach acid, and at the same time, tea will solidify certain components of crab, which is not conducive to digestion and absorption, and may also cause abdominal pain and diarrhea.

Nine, tea and chicken liver will reduce the body's absorption of iron

Chicken liver is rich in iron, and tea contains tannic acid. Drinking tea while eating chicken liver will reduce the body's absorption of iron.

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