Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Drinking blushers should drink less

The flushing behind people drinking is caused by temporary vasodilation under the skin, because these people have efficient alcohol dehydrogenase, which can quickly convert the alcohol in the blood into acetaldehyde, which has the function of dilating capillaries It can cause flushing and even flushing of the skin on the body, which is what we usually call "upper face".

In addition to alcohol dehydrogenase, there is a substance called acetaldehyde dehydrogenase in the human body. People who drink blush only have the former enzyme and not the latter enzyme. Will take longer.

Compared with people who "did not change their color" after drinking, acetaldehyde stayed in this person for a longer time and had more toxic effects. However, generally speaking, after 1-2 hours, the red color will gradually fade away. This is because the cytochrome P450 in the liver will slowly convert acetaldehyde to acetic acid, which will be metabolized after entering the circulatory system. .

"People who drink'upper face' should drink as little as possible." Experts remind you that if you find'upper face', you may wish to drink some honey water.

Researchers of the National Headache Research Foundation have pointed out that honey contains a special kind of fructose, which can promote the decomposition and absorption of alcohol and relieve headache symptoms; supplement vitamin C, vitamin B family, or eat sweets, protein foods, Can increase blood sugar concentration and relieve the damage of alcohol to the human body; drink juice or sugar water in time after drinking, which can protect the liver; eat Hericium erinaceus, it can protect the gastric mucosa from damage; you can also drink hot soup, especially It is ginger stewed fish soup with better anti-hangover effect; the anti-hangover effect of sweet and sour vegetables is also good, because vinegar and wine can form ethyl acetate in the body and have an anti-hangover effect; drinking milk can also delay alcohol in the stomach Absorb and protect the gastric mucosa from alcohol damage.

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