Friday, June 26, 2020

Drink Anhua black tea on an empty stomach

As we all know, drinking tea is good for health, especially long-term adherence to drinking Anhua black tea. The key to keeping healthy with tea is to master the best time to drink good tea. Drinking the right tea at the right time can have a multiplier effect. So, in the middle of the day, would you like to drink black tea on an empty stomach in the morning?

Drinking black tea on an empty stomach is easy to stimulate the stomach and is not good for the body. Another one. Generally, tea contains an ingredient called caffeine. If you drink a lot in the fasting period, the tea will directly enter the abdominal cavity, causing excessive intestinal absorption. Caffeine. The result of this is to cause transient gastrointestinal hyperfunction of the adrenal glands and adverse reactions such as palpitation. So, in general, it is not recommended to drink tea on an empty stomach.

The best time to drink Anhua black tea

1. Drink one hour after breakfast

After a full night of rest, the body consumes a lot of water, and the blood concentration also increases. After an hour of breakfast every day, drinking a light cup of Anhua black tea can not only supplement the water needed by the body in time, help clean up the stomach, but also help to thin the blood.

It should be noted that drinking Anhua black tea in the morning must not drink strong tea, drinking light tea is beneficial to human health.

2. Drink one hour after lunch

Drinking Anhua black tea after one hour of lunch every day has good relief and auxiliary effects for the "three high" people. At the same time, it also helps digestion of the stomach and intestines, and plays the role of eliminating food and removing greasy. It is most suitable for office workers who have been facing computers for a long time and lack exercise. It is not only helpful for digestion, but also refreshing and improving work efficiency.

3. Drink one hour after dinner

Many people have some misunderstandings about drinking tea at night, afraid of affecting sleep. In fact, as long as you have a good time and drink tea, the impact on sleep will not be great. But don't drink green tea, because green tea is non-fermented tea, contains a lot of tea polyphenols, caffeine and so on.

Benefits of drinking Anhua black tea

The health care effect of Anhua black tea is more unique. Anhua Black Tea's special production process will naturally ferment to produce "Coronopsis mycoides" (commonly known as Golden Flower). The unique T. aureus in this black tea is rich in 18 kinds of amino acids and more than 450 beneficial ingredients.

It has been clinically proven that black tea has the functions of relieving greasiness, curing bloating, treating diarrhea, eliminating fat, quenching thirst, rejuvenating, refreshing the mind, regulating the stomach and stomach, and promoting digestion. Drinking for many years can lower blood pressure, blood lipids and blood sugar, and enhance the flexibility of capillaries Has a good effect. The most significant effect of black tea is to "scrape oil" and reduce "three highs", which has unique prevention and treatment effects on gastrointestinal problems.

The mineral elements in tea are mainly concentrated in mature leaves, stems, and stalks. The raw materials for black tea are older, and the content of mineral elements is higher than other teas. Among them, fluorine has a significant effect on preventing dental caries and preventing osteoporosis in the elderly; selenium can stimulate the production of immune proteins and antibodies, enhance the body's resistance to disease, and has a significant effect on the treatment of coronary heart disease and the inhibition of the occurrence and development of cancer cells. Selenium content in tea can be as high as 3.8-6.4 mg/kg.

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