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Don’t want your child to become a myopic patient, insist on doing these four things, the child will thank you in the future

In recent years, the number of myopia has grown rapidly. Myopia is a disease, and people with myopia are called myopic patients. According to statistics, there are as many as 600 million domestic myopia patients, and 45% of myopia patients are under 12 years old. It is distressing for a child to be young and not really looking at this beautiful world with his eyes. He needs glasses to live.

Most children are short-sighted because they use their eyes too much, such as watching TV without rest, which causes eye fatigue and the lens is often in a state of regulation. Some children are naturally weaker. For example, premature babies and low-birth-weight babies are not easy to develop nearsightedness. In addition, myopia is also related to genetic factors. If parents are short-sighted, the probability of short-sightedness of the children born is relatively large.

Myopia will disrupt normal life. When the eyes have foreign body sensations and dry eyes; when looking at things, they will feel that the objects are bent and deformed, and they may think of straight lines as curved lines; or sometimes they may feel darker or yellowish when looking at things. This is a sign of myopia.

Although there are now beautiful styles of myopia glasses, there are superb myopia treatments. However, parents are well aware of the painful points of myopia, and there will be inconveniences in the future. Seeing such a high rate of myopia, parents will of course worry, what should be done to prevent myopia in children? In fact, as long as parents urge their children to do this "four perseverances", the children will thank you in the future.

1. Adhere to the correct use of eyes

The reason why the eyes suffer from myopia, in addition to genetic and congenital incomplete development, the greater part is caused by incorrect use of eyes. Therefore, parents want to keep their children away from myopia, they must first focus on him to "correct use of eyes." Correct the child's sitting position with his eyes, whether it is homework or watching TV; pay attention to controlling the time the child uses his eyes, combining work and rest. Of course, let the children use their eyes in the right light.

1. Correct sitting position with eyes

When writing homework, keep your head upright, your waist straight, and your back upright. And the chest should be one punch away from the table, and the child's eyes should be kept one foot away from the books; when watching TV, the eyes should be more than three meters away from the TV screen, which can also be said to be six times the length of the diagonal of the TV screen . The posture for watching TV should be that the height of the center point of the TV screen is slightly lower than the height of the eyes when sitting.

When the child is using the computer, parents must pay attention to adjust the child's position. The position of the child's eyes should be kept between 50 and 60 cm from the computer screen. At the same time, the computer screen should be slightly tilted and the center point should be about 15 cm below the eyes. When children are facing the computer, they should pay attention to the adjustment of the computer brightness. The screen of the computer should be adjusted so that it can be seen without glare and effort. And the size of the font on the computer should also be enlarged so that it can be seen clearly without squinting.

2. The right time to use your eyes

The time for the child to do homework should be about 45 to 50 minutes, so as to effectively prevent eye diseases; each time the computer should be used for about 20 to 30 minutes, so that the eyes can get a better rest, not easy to cause Eye fatigue; each time you watch TV you can't spend more than 30 minutes.

3. Correct eye protection light

Parents should also adjust the color temperature of the desk lamps used by their children to moderate, because the higher the color temperature, the stronger the reflection when reading. However, the irritation to the eyes will be more intense, and it is easy for children to cause pain and eye fatigue. But the color temperature is too low, and the eyes need to recognize things very hard, which will also increase the burden on the children's eyes.

★ Bedroom: Parents should try to choose soft-colored table lamps, such as table lamps with orange lights. This kind of warm color light can help children sleep, and it is also good for the eyes. It is not suitable for choosing a table lamp with too dark or too bright light.

★Living room: Parents should turn on the lights in the house when their children are watching TV. Because the flicker of the TV is very strong, if the light in the room is too dark, it will stimulate the children's glasses.

★Study place: In the child's study place, parents should choose white light close to natural colors. Because the light in the general study place is more transparent, the white light lamp is more coordinated and can protect the eyesight of the child's eyes.

Second, insist on doing eye care

After insisting on correct use of eyes, parents should also tell their children to do eye care regularly. The child's self-control is not strong, excessive use of eyes when playing, it is more harmful to the eyes. In addition, children who are in the schooling period, use eyes for a long time, which is harmful to the development of vision. Therefore, parents should insist on doing good eye care.

1. Do more eye movements

Parents should tell their children to blink more often and do some eye movements. This is the preferred method to relieve eye fatigue. The specific method is to raise the child's head backwards, and then blink at a high frequency, so that the blood around the eyes can be smooth, which helps relieve eye fatigue. Or you can rotate your head up, down, left, and right, and your eyes will also rotate with the direction, which can also play an eye care effect.

2. Close your eyes and apply heat before going to bed

Parents should know that the eyes secrete a small amount of oil, which can help moisten the eyes and reduce the evaporation of tears. But sometimes the oily glands are blocked, which can easily cause eye discomfort. At this time, applying a hot towel to the eyes can dredge the blocked glands, thus effectively alleviating the dryness of the eyes.

3. Appropriate outdoor view

After long-term indoor close-up viewing, parents should tell their children to do more outdoor viewing. There are many green plants outdoors, and air circulation. When looking at objects at close range, the axis of the eye can only be seen clearly by focusing on the retina. When looking at a distance, the axis of the eye will be shortened, which can maintain the balance of eye muscle activity, which is very helpful for eye care.

4. Artificial tears relieve fatigue

When the eyes are fatigued, parents can use artificial tears for their children, which can help to relieve eye fatigue. Since artificial tears contain sodium hyaluronate, taurine and vitamin B6 and other ingredients, they can supplement the nutrients and water lacking in the eyes, and can relieve eye fatigue to a certain extent.

3. Adhere to nutritional scientific supplements

In addition to being closely related to congenital inheritance and lifestyle, myopia is also related to daily diet. If you want to control the degree of myopia, you need to fully supplement nutrition. Children's picky eating and partial eating will affect their physical development and reduce vision. Parents can also give their children targeted dietary conditioning to improve their vision.

1. Balanced nutrition, eat less sweets

Many children will be picky eaters or partial eclipse. It is because of this that nutrition can not supply the needs of the body and eye development, resulting in a sharp increase in myopia. High-sugar foods may affect your child's vision, slow down that metabolism, and deepen eating. Parents should increase the diversity of recipes and the richness of food, and ensure that the body and eyes develop and maintain a variety of nutrients required for function, not just because the child likes to eat. In addition, parents should control their children's daily sugar intake, do not put sweets and chocolates at home, to avoid children's thoughts of eating sugar.

2. Nutrition mix, targeted supplement

The developing child can only guarantee the perfect development of all organs of the body with the supplement of scientific nutrition, which also includes the development of vision. In addition to the daily balanced intake of the six major nutrients, it is also necessary to supplement nutrition for eye protection. For example, supplement vitamins, protein, lutein, taurine.

★Vitamin supplementation: Vitamin supplementation will protect the eyes and strengthen eyesight. In particular, vitamin A is closely related to vision development. If vitamin A is insufficiently supplemented, it will indirectly lead to the lack of chromium, which will impair the function of insulin in regulating blood sugar and easily induce myopia. Animal liver, poultry eggs, carrots, spinach and other vitamin A content is sufficient, supplement vitamin C to eat more tomatoes, kiwi and other fruits, the diet is better.

★Supplement of protein: Protein has a great effect on the sclera and promotes the development of eye tissues. And protein is an essential substance for the human body. Therefore, parents can let their children eat more foods containing protein, such as milk, eggs and other foods.

★Supply Lutein: Lutein is a kind of functional food ingredient, which has a protective effect on human vision and also has the effect of enhancing human immunity. Parents can let their children eat more foods containing lutein, such as vegetables and fruits.

★Taurine supplementation: Taurine has a very close relationship with the development of the child's central nervous system and retina. If the child's body lacks taurine, it will disturb the eye's retinal function, which will cause the child's eye health problems. In food, you can eat animal offal, marine fish, oysters and so on.

Fourth, adhere to regular visual inspection

If the child has eye myopia, it is necessary to find out whether the child is true myopia or false myopia. Therefore, parents should take their children to a professional hospital for a visual examination of mydriasis optometry. In this way, after determining what kind of myopia the good child's eye belongs to, the problem of the child's eye disease can be solved in a targeted manner.

Because myopia is divided into true myopia and false myopia, and true myopia requires timely treatment and adjustment. But if the child belongs to pseudo-myopia, parents need not worry too much. Because pseudo-myopia can return to normal, as long as parents usually teach their children to use their eyes correctly, pay attention to rest and active treatment.

Children with true myopia need to wear frame glasses, because this can correct the invisible state of the eyes, thereby helping to improve the child's vision. And wearing glasses can make the eyes in a normal state, so that the vision is better relieved. In addition, wearing glasses can effectively protect the eyesight, so that the child's vision will not decline too fast.

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