Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Don't want to go wrong with the fetus, don't go to these 3 places during pregnancy

If you ask, what stage of a woman's life is the most precious? I think most women will answer: after pregnancy. During the gestation of a small life, the pregnant mother would like to live in a sterile room until the birth, it is for fetal health.

Not only because of the gradual increase in miscarriage rates, but also the gradual increase in the average childbirth age of many women. Many pregnant mothers have missed the best childbearing age when they are pregnant, so they have to be more careful after pregnancy.

No, the slow mother's cousin is like this. She doesn't dare to go out since she was pregnant, but her mother-in-law said that this is a good thing. Many pregnant mothers have a soft temper after pregnancy, and they can't bear to dare to go anywhere. Responsible.

It sounds funny that Slow Mom says that pregnant women are also humans, why can't they go? The mother-in-law is looking right, don't want to have a problem with the fetus, don't go after these three places are pregnant, don't support the pregnant mother for the sake of face.

The first thing to say is the funeral. If it is not a close person, there is no need for the pregnant mother to pass. After all, the emotions on the scene are suppressed. When you come back, the pregnant mother will be emotionally depressed for several days. After all, "dead farewell" is a heavy one. Things. If it is a person who is closely related to the pregnant mother, this time will only make the pregnant mother too sad, affecting the health of the fetus, and should not go.

Especially in the unstable first trimester, pregnant mothers are definitely not suitable for emotional excitement. I remember watching a TV series in which the mistress caused the miscarriage because of excessive grief. At that time, netizens commented on why pregnant mothers should go to the funeral. In the eyes of the general public, pregnant mothers still do not want to go to bed.

Faced with the wedding invitation, many pregnant mothers were embarrassed to refuse. They had to drag their bodies for a few months to join in the fun, but I did not know that for pregnant women, the wedding occasion was a prone area. Slow mother thinks and agrees, knowing that weddings are different from funerals, everyone is happy, and in the case of high hormones, it is easy to have an accident: the children become energetic, and the adults start to have a drink.

Therefore, pregnant mothers must not only try to avoid the rushing children, but also avoid the persuasion of the people around them, but also stay away from the drunkard. Often the joy is not touched, but it causes a tired body, it is better not to go.

When her mother-in-law started to say that the temple could not go, the slow mother wanted to laugh. This was feudal superstition, but the reason for her mother-in-law was very scientific. The mother-in-law said that the temple is no different than other occasions. When you enter, you must observe the rules. For example, if your cousin is a Buddhist, you must kneel in the temple. This includes a "bend" movement, which is for pregnant women. Said it would squeeze the fetus.

In addition, there are many peaceful trees in the temple. It is a rare visit. The pregnant mother must also want to hang the peaceful symbols. Then there will be "toeing" and "stretching arms" movements. If you accidentally fall, the consequences may be serious. Too.

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