Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Don't provoke the pregnant mother, the baby will have these kinds of worrying performances when she is angry

So, don’t mess with the pregnant mother, the baby’s performance when she is angry will be distressing, so pitiful. For example, the baby will have the following performances:

Affect nutrient absorption and affect normal development

When the pregnant mother is angry, the blood flow rate will be too fast, rushing to the head, and the heartbeat will also speed up. The blood circulation situation is very important for pregnant mothers and babies. It can help pregnant mothers to regulate themselves and deliver nutrients to the parts of the body. When the blood is mostly collected in the brain, the normal oxygen content will not follow. On, it is easy to cause pregnant mothers to have shortness of breath and symptoms of hypoxia.

If this is often the case, it is also likely to affect the fetus, and there may be a lack of oxygen, which cannot absorb normal nutrients, which will affect normal development, and the baby is too pitiful.

Pregnant mother has long-term nervousness and is prone to miscarriage

We know that the changes of the pregnant mother's angry blood will directly affect the baby, and the negative emotions of the pregnant mother will also be passed on to the baby. If the pregnant mother is mentally stressed for a long time, the baby is also prone to restlessness in the pregnant mother's stomach and cannot develop stably. If the pregnant mother is always hot, every time you are angry, you will be either grieved or angry, or you will have excessive actions. It is difficult to ensure that your baby will not be harmed, leading to miscarriage.

In the TV series we watched, pregnant mothers fainted or became too emotional, which would cause fetal miscarriage. Although it is a bit exaggerated, it is actually the same reason. Therefore, it is recommended that the family members of the pregnant mother should not anger the pregnant woman. Everything should be discussed and discussed. Everything is about the safety and health of the pregnant mother and the baby.

The baby has a "great temper" after giving birth and lacks a sense of security

Speaking of safety, in fact, the pregnant mother is angry, and the bad influence on the baby is not only during pregnancy, but also may continue to postpartum. Studies have shown that women have a strong temper during pregnancy, are angry, and have long-term emotional instability. Even if the baby is born safely and smoothly, they will be "tempered" after giving birth, especially crying, not easy to coax.

Moreover, in the second and third trimesters, the fetus can perceive the external sounds in the pregnant mother's belly, and then feel the pregnant mother's emotions. The pregnant mother is always angry and loses her temper during pregnancy, which makes the baby feel "uneasy". The baby lacks a sense of security after birth. Can wake him up or make him cry. Moreover, it is difficult for such a baby to leave the arms of adults, and it is really distressing to get used to being held by adults regardless of day and night.

Therefore, pregnant mothers, for the health of themselves and their babies, must pay attention to adjusting their emotions during pregnancy, try not to be angry and less angry, and welcome the baby's arrival with a calm mind. The pregnant mother's family also try not to provoke the pregnant mother, give her a warm and loving environment to care for the baby, and take care of the baby.

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