Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Don't let the decoration ruin your health

The interior decoration should not only be beautiful, but also pay attention to safety. Only when it is safe can you live in peace. Nowadays, decoration pollution is deeply rooted in people's minds. Everyone thinks about various methods in order to have a healthy living environment. Oxygen source volcanic mud reminds you where to be vigilant in indoor decoration and environmental protection:

   1. Decorate without blindly pursuing luxury, pay attention to using environmental protection materials as much as possible, and consult relevant data certificates before purchase to reduce pollution. For example, for wall decoration, you can choose a new generation of high-end home improvement environmental protection wall materials with zero formaldehyde, zero pollution and zero heavy metals-Oxygen source volcanic mud. Oxygen source volcanic mud not only does not contain formaldehyde, does not cause decoration pollution, but also has the function of adsorbing and decomposing formaldehyde, which can continuously remove formaldehyde and other pollution caused by other decoration materials, reduce indoor pollution, and ensure indoor air quality.

   2. You can stay at ease without choosing environmentally friendly materials. In addition to paying attention to the choice of decoration materials, it is also necessary to pay attention to the reasonable combination of various building decoration materials, the calculation of the housing space carrying capacity and the calculation of indoor ventilation. Except for the zero-formaldehyde and zero-pollution of the oxygen source volcanic mud, other environmentally friendly decoration materials all contain a certain amount of formaldehyde and other pollution hazards, but the content or release amount conforms to national standards. A variety of such decoration materials will produce pollution superposition, which may lead to excessive pollutants such as formaldehyde. At this time, Oxygen source volcanic mud that can adsorb and decompose formaldehyde can play a role.

   3. Consumers should choose different air purification and treatment measures according to the different pollutants after the test. It is best to choose products that have been tested and certified by authoritative departments. Oxygen source volcanic mud decoration gives away indoor air detection, so that each household can decorate the family and stay under the condition that the indoor air quality is qualified.

   4. Don't buy furniture with strong irritating smell; don't buy furniture made of man-made board without all the edge treatment; pay attention to the amount of formaldehyde and benzene released for new furniture. It is best to use it after a period of ventilation.

5. After the decoration of the room, the smell is not large, there may be several reasons, one is that the release of harmful gases is correspondingly low, and the other is that some harmful gases, such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, benzene series and radioactive substances, are not perceivable by humans of.

   6. Ventilation after the decoration can accelerate the diffusion of free contaminated gas; at the same time, it is beneficial to promote the adsorption and decomposition of indoor formaldehyde on the wall of the volcanic mud of Oxygen source.

  Using air fresheners, pineapple, grapefruit peel, rice vinegar, etc. to purify indoor air is not scientific, they can only cover up the smell in a short time, not decompose or adsorb harmful substances

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