Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Don’t do this when your baby is sleeping, are you still making mistakes?

It is best to hold your child in your arms when sleeping Is great. In fact, many parents have behaviors that harm their babies when coaxing them to sleep.

1. Accompanying and sleeping. Many parents are very fond of their little babies, and even sleeping puts the baby in their arms, which is actually very bad for the baby's sleep. First of all, when the mother puts her arms to sleep, it is likely that she will also fall asleep. At this time, the gas exhaled by the mother will be inhaled by the baby. After a long time, the baby will get sick; secondly, the mother will often hug the baby to sleep. The baby develops dependence, and once the mother is not around, the baby will cry and cannot fall asleep. Therefore, the mother should encourage the baby to sleep alone as much as possible, and create conditions for the baby to sleep alone.

Second, let the baby fall asleep. Many babies have the habit of sleeping on their stomachs. However, some studies have shown that babies who sleep on their stomachs, because they will not turn over on their own, can easily make the mouth and nose unable to breathe and become hypoxic. In severe cases, there is a danger of hypoxia and suffocation. Parents should correct the baby’s sleeping posture once they discover this. Generally speaking, lying down is the safest sleeping posture, followed by the right posture to fall asleep; some parents often spend the whole night in winter because they are worried about the baby being cold All electric blankets are heated by electricity, and this is easy to cause dehydration of the baby. The correct approach should be to heat the baby before going to bed and unplug the power when sleeping.

3. Let the baby sleep naked. Contrary to what is stated above, some mothers of Bao worry that their children are too hot and will often make their babies take off their clothes and go to sleep. As everyone knows, this approach can easily cause the baby to catch cold in the middle of the night, causing intestinal diseases and causing diarrhea. Parents should cover the baby's waist and abdomen with a thin towel, or wear a small bellyband for the baby, try not to let the baby sleep naked; some mothers like to sleep with the light on, thinking that they will change the baby's diaper and breastfeed at night Convenient, this will also be detrimental to the baby's sleep, it will also affect the baby's length, and it is easier to induce myopia, parents must avoid it!

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