Monday, June 22, 2020

Don't do exercises before and after meals

Yangchun March is a good time to exercise and lose weight. Some office workers do not have time to go to the gym and watch aerobics at home. Some people may experience physical discomfort during and after aerobics. Does aerobics also cause harm to the body? Indeed, aerobics may seem simple, but you can’t do it if you want.

The following three situations are not suitable for aerobics

First, don't jump aerobics immediately after a meal and exercise two hours after a meal. This is a more scientific approach. Some people do aerobics during the lunch break, but the lunch break for the average person is not long, including lunch time. The food in the stomach is full, and immediate exercise will affect digestion, and it is easy to have symptoms such as abdominal pain and nausea.

Secondly, don't exercise on an empty stomach. When people exercise on an empty stomach, the free fatty acids in the blood will increase significantly. If the fatty acids are excessive, there will be poisons that damage the heart muscle and cause arrhythmia. Especially for people over 50 years old, because their ability to use free fatty acids is lower than that of young people, the risk is also greater. Long-term fasting exercises can cause a rapid weight loss and impaired organ function.

Third, don't jump if the preparation is not sufficient. Although aerobics is not an extreme sport, there are many twisting and stretching movements. If the preparation is not enough, it is easy to sprain. In addition, after each aerobic exercise, you should also do soothing activities and try to relax.

Aerobics should not exceed one hour

Jump aerobics must master the rhythm, not too fast. If the rhythm is too fast, it is easy to cause excessive muscle tension and fatigue, and sports injuries such as strains and sprains are also more likely to occur. In addition, during the aerobics exercise, the practitioner must control the speed, strength, number of repetitions, number of groups, gap time, etc. of the exercise according to his own physique and endurance. The exercise time should not exceed 1 hour.

With the improvement of exercise level, physical fitness, exercise intensity and total amount of exercise can be appropriately increased, but the maximum heart rate should not exceed 150 beats/min.

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