Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Don’t care if you feel like this in the third trimester.

In the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, attention must be paid to observing the body. If physical discomfort occurs, especially discomfort caused by false contractions, attention must be paid to it. Failure to pay attention to false contractions may cause true contractions.

What is false contraction?

The pregnant woman will have irregular contraction of the uterus in the middle of pregnancy. This contraction has no pain, but the abdomen hardens for a while, and the contraction time lasts no more than thirty seconds. This is "false contractions". As the gestational age increases, the frequency of "false contractions" will also increase.

How to deal with false contractions? What are the hazards of not processing in time?

False contractions generally occur when the pregnant woman is physically fatigued or emotionally too excited or excited. If the pregnant woman feels a burst of tightness in the abdomen, she needs to put down her work, lie down, calm herself or relax, and maintain a deep breathing position, so that the false contractions can be relieved.

If you don’t care, continue to work hard, or fall into a certain strong emotion, the false contractions may evolve into true contractions, and if the fetus is not yet full-term, it may cause premature birth. .

How to avoid false contractions?

Pregnant women must pay attention to regular work and rest in the third trimester to avoid fatigue. At the same time, don't do stressful actions on the abdomen, such as sneezing, coughing, too much force when defecating stools, lifting heavy objects, etc.

Emotions should be relaxed, not too nervous or anxious. Too much mood swings may also cause disturbance of pituitary hormone secretion, which may cause contractions. At the same time, the third trimester of pregnancy should be minimized to prevent premature delivery.

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