Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Dog injury management knowledge

Rabies is an acute infectious disease caused by rabies virus. It is the only infectious disease with a fatality rate of 100%.

Then if we accidentally get some rodent warm animals, such as dogs or cats, rabbits, hamsters, monkeys, etc., what should we do? First, treat the wound as soon as possible. The correct treatment of the wound is the key to preventing the morbidity. The sooner the better, squeeze the wound to bleed and use 20% soapy water (or other weak alkaline cleaner) and a certain pressure of flowing water to alternate thoroughly Wash and rinse all bites and scratches for at least 15 minutes. Wash the wound to avoid leaving soapy water or detergent on the wound. The second is disinfection treatment. After thorough rinsing, rub the wound with 2-3% iodine (iodine) or 75% alcohol. Immediately after treatment of the wound, go to the local dog bite vaccine injection clinic for immunization. Vaccination procedure Generally, one bite person is injected with 1 dose of rabies vaccine on the upper limbs around 0 (the day of injection), and one dose of rabies vaccine is injected on 7 and 21 days, a total of 4 injections. For patients with deep wounds or weakened immunity, and those whose exposed parts are located on the head and face, and the injured animal is highly suspected of being a mad animal, it is recommended to inject passive immune preparations.

In addition, if the wound condition permits, sutures and bandaging should be avoided as much as possible. Except when the wound is large or the face is seriously injured and the face or function is affected, the suture is indeed required.

After being bitten by an animal, the rabies vaccine should be injected as soon as possible, the sooner the better. Since rabies is almost 100% fatal, there are no contraindications to vaccination after exposure. It should also be noted that during vaccination, you should be careful not to drink alcohol, strong tea, coffee; do not eat irritating foods such as peppers, onions, garlic, etc.; at the same time to avoid cold, vigorous exercise or excessive fatigue To prevent colds.

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