Monday, June 22, 2020

Does it matter if there are small nodules in the lungs?

Whether the nodules in the lungs are important depends on the nature of the nodules. Pulmonary nodules are relatively common, most of which are caused by inflammation of the lungs, but the possibility of malignant tumors is not ruled out, so regular review and attention are required.

Pulmonary nodules are usually related to the working environment and living habits, and are more common in people who have a lot of mite dust at work and long-term smoking. In addition, tuberculosis, autoimmune diseases, vasculitis, infection, pulmonary sarcoidosis, etc., can cause small nodules in the lungs. In general, the nodule size is related to the probability of malignancy. The larger the nodule, the higher the risk. If the nodules continue to increase, it is important and requires further examination, which may be malignant.

When there is a small pulmonary nodule, the patient can be reexamined after 3 months. If the nodule does not increase significantly during the reexamination, the probability of benign is greater, and follow-up is still required for 3-5 years thereafter. If there is a significant increase, it is recommended to further strengthen chest CT, check lung tumor markers, etc.

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