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Does Huoshan Huangya in Anhui belong to green tea?

Huoshan Huangya, a specialty of Huoshan County, Anhui Province The Tang Dynasty as early as a thousand years ago was already very famous. Although it is a famous tea, some people may ask, what kind of tea does Huoshan Huangya belong to? Is it green tea? So, let's take a look at this problem together.

Huoshan Huangya belongs to yellow tea, it does not belong to green tea. Although the processing technology is similar to that of green tea, before or after the drying process, a "buggy" process is added to promote partial oxidation of its polyphenol chlorophyll and other substances.

Therefore, Huoshan yellow bud belongs to lightly fermented tea and is yellow tea. Green tea is non-fermented tea.

The technology of Huoshan Huangya boring piles can be carried out in the following forms: boil piles while hot, like Taiwanese yellow tea; boil piles after twisting, such as yellow soup; boil piles after initial drying, such as Huang Dacha; Yellow, like Junshan Silver Needle; thin spreading piles, like Huoshan Yellow Bud. Due to the use of different techniques, the degree of yellowing of the leaves will be the same, and the resulting quality will be different. The degree of yellowing of Huoshan yellow buds in the yellow buds is considered to be a light type, so the quality is close to green tea.

Huoshan Yellow Buds Production Process

The fresh leaves of Huoshan yellow buds are delicate, due to the high mountain and cold. The mining period is generally 3-5 days before the valley rain. The standard picking is one bud one leaf, one bud two leaves first exhibition. Yellow buds require fresh leaves to be fresh, and the fresh leaves should be thinly distributed to lose the surface moisture. Generally, it is collected in the afternoon in the morning and finished in the afternoon. Huoshan Huangya is divided into special grade, first grade, second grade and third grade.

The production process includes five processes: killing green (raw pot, cooked pot), hair fire, spreading, foot fire, picking and re-fire.

1. Killing

Separate pot, cooked pot. The raw pan requires high temperature and quick frying. The temperature of the pan should be controlled at about 120-130 degrees. The fresh sesame seeds can be used to fry the sesame seeds. Hand-fry the amount of leaves per pot 50-100 grams, after the fresh leaves go to the pot, use your hands or one hand to shake, wipe clean, shake well, fully distribute moisture, and transfer to the cooked pot when the leaves are soft and dark. The gesture is a combination of grasping, shaking, and turning. The leaves are fried under the pot first, so that the leaves are heated evenly, then the four fingers are together, the thumb is spread, grasp the tea leaves to the inside of the pot, and then shake away until the hand feels slightly hot. Shake to distribute moisture, so repeat the combination of grasping, shaking and shaking until the buds and leaves are gathered in a tongue-shaped shape.

2. Mao Huo

The temperature is 110-120℃, and the amount of leaves is 3-4 to kill the green leaves. Take high temperature, turn over and fast bake. Turn around and bake once for 2 people. About 5 minutes until the tea sales have a thorny feel. The aroma overflows about 70% dry now. bake.

3. Braised yellow

When drying under the fire, spread it in the bumps while it is hot, stew the yellow for 24-48 hours until the leaves are soft and slightly yellow, and then bake.

4. Foot fire

The baking temperature is 90℃, the amount of leaves is 0.5-0.75 kg, and the bake is turned every 3-4 minutes. The bake movement should be slow and slow, which lasts 15 minutes, the hand has a thorny feel, and the tea leaves are broken when broken, 90% dry now The yellow bud hair tea will be served after baking and cooling.

5. Picking and refiring

Remove the floating leaves, yellow tablets, red stems and other impurities before resuming the fire. Match colors to make colors consistent. The reheating temperature is about 90℃, the amount of leaves thrown in each drying cage is 1.5-2 kg, and it is turned every 4-5 minutes, and it is gradually reduced as the dryness of the tea is increased. Turning and drying should be light, fast and diligent, and the time is 15-20 In a minute, bake until the tea leaves are hand-twisted to the end. The aroma of the tea is strong, and the white is revealed. Enter the market to sell or store fresh.

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