Friday, June 26, 2020

Does drinking green tea at night affect sleep?

Speaking of green tea, I am afraid that a Chinese knows it. Green tea and green tea culture as our national quintessence, I am afraid no one knows. Everyone likes to drink green tea, because everyone knows that green tea has good health benefits. Some people have responded in recent days. After drinking green tea, I always feel that I can’t sleep at night. Does drinking green tea affect sleep at night?

Why drinking tea at night affects sleep

1. Caffeine

Tea is rich in caffeine, especially in fresh leaves. Caffeine will cause excitement in the central nervous system of the human brain, and will enhance the excitement process of the cerebral cortex, invigorate the spirit from the face, and increase the activity of thinking.

2. Tea polyphenols

A major effect of tea polyphenols is to promote digestion, and the cooperation of caffeine can promote the digestion of food in the human body and excite the nervous system of the body.

3. Experts say that the caffeine and tea polyphenols in the tea have the greatest impact on the cranial nerves. When the tea leaves are initially brewed, about 70%-80% of the caffeine is dissolved in the water. At this time, the tea has a clear refreshing effect and makes people excited. And then, the tea polyphenols in the tea gradually dissolved into the water, counteracting the effect of caffeine, and it is not easy to cause obvious physiological excitement. Therefore, when drinking tea at night, just pour out the first tea that has been brewed for about 3 minutes, and then continue to boil water to brew again, the refreshing effect will not be so obvious. In addition, drinking tea at night is best not to be too short from the sleep interval, otherwise it will still affect sleep. Drinking mild tea 3 hours before bedtime can calm down and promote sleep.

What tea to drink at night is not easy to affect sleep

Drinking green tea at night can easily affect sleep. Experts suggest that it is best to drink Pu'er cooked tea or black tea at night. Because green tea is a non-fermented tea, it has a high content of tea polyphenols and maintains its original nature, which is more irritating; Pu'er cooked tea or black tea is a fully fermented tea. Although the content of tea polyphenols is small, it undergoes a "curing" process , Irritation is weak, relatively gentle, suitable for drinking at night. Especially for people with weak spleen and stomach, adding a little milk when drinking black tea can play a certain role in warming the stomach.

What to do if drinking green tea at night affects sleep

1. Eat foods that fight against caffeine

Caffeine in green tea is the main cause of sleeplessness. Caffeine stimulates nerves, resulting in increased secretion of adrenal hormones, and the body's spirits are invigorated. You can eat some substances that reduce adrenal hormones, such as jujube kernels containing jujube saponin B, betulinic acid, betulin.

2. Eat some foods rich in pineal gland

The pineal gland in the brain will circulate with the blood at night, acting on the sleep center will cause people to have a deep drowsiness. You can eat some foods rich in pineal gland, which will promote the synthesis of pineal gland in the human body and can enhance Drowsiness, common foods are oats, sweet corn, tomatoes, bananas and so on.

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