Monday, June 22, 2020

Do you know the prevention of atherosclerosis?

Atherosclerosis is a slow-growing disease that often does not have any symptoms in the early stages. Therefore, those with family history or risk factors need to keep an eye on their physical condition, check regularly, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Appropriate exercise for atherosclerosis prevention

Proper physical labor and physical activity are beneficial to prevent obesity, exercise the function of the circulatory system, and adjust blood lipid metabolism, and are a positive measure to prevent this disease. Physical activity should be stipulated according to the original physical condition, the original physical activity habits and the state of heart function, with the principle of not excessively increasing the heart burden and not causing discomfort. Physical activities can be done gradually, and it is not advisable to engage in strenuous activities. The elderly should be encouraged to take walks (1 hour a day, in divided sessions), exercise gymnastics, and play Tai Chi.

Reasonable arrangement of life for prevention of atherosclerosis

Reasonable arrangements for work and life should be regular, maintain optimistic and happy emotions, avoid excessive fatigue and emotional excitement, pay attention to work and rest, and ensure adequate sleep.

Reasonable diet for prevention of atherosclerosis

The main dietary treatment principle to prevent atherosclerosis is to limit fat intake. Ingestion of animal fats (mainly containing saturated fats and acid-proof) should not be excessive. Fatty meat and oil should be fasted. Lard, cream or other animal oils mainly contain saturated fats, and saturated fats have an adverse effect on the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases, which can promote the absorption of cholesterol in food and make the formed lipoproteins easily adhere to the walls of blood vessels. In addition, eat less sweets, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, ensure adequate vitamins and potassium, calcium, etc., this beneficial nutrients and plant fiber intake. Eat a moderate amount of salt (6-8g/day) and do not eat fried or fried foods.

The impact of smoking on atherosclerosis is often overlooked by everyone!

1. Smoking reduces the concentration of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol and increases the level of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol.

2. Smoking increases the concentration of carbon monoxide in the blood, and carbon monoxide increases the risk of damage to the arterial wall.

3. Smoking causes the arteries already damaged by atherosclerosis to contract, resulting in a further reduction in blood flow to the tissue.

4. Smoking increases the tendency of blood to coagulate, thus increasing the risk of peripheral artery disease, coronary artery disease, stroke, and obstruction of transplanted arteries after surgery.

5. The risk of smoking for coronary artery disease is directly related to the daily smoking volume.

In short, the following points can greatly prevent the occurrence of atherosclerosis:

1. Quit smoking

2. Regular exercise

3. Lose weight

4. Balanced diet

5. Relieve stress

6. Pay attention to blood pressure and blood sugar

7. Adjust blood lipids

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