Friday, June 26, 2020

Do you know the brewing method of Biluochun?

Biluochun is one of the top ten famous teas in my country. As a famous green tea, Biluochun has a long history. Biluochun was already called "Kung Fu Tea" and "New Blood Tea" during the Tang Dynasty. The dried tea strips are tightly knotted after being fried, and the white husks are revealed. The color is silver-green, and the turquoise is attractive. It is curled into a snail. It is produced in spring and is called "Biluochun".

In the hot summer months, a cup of fragrant and refreshing Biluochun tea tastes refreshing and fresh, and no matter how troublesome it is, it is sultry and dissipates. So how do you make a good cup of Biluochun tea? Come and learn together today.

Biluochun's brewing method

Biluochun's brewing method has different brewing methods according to different tea qualities.

1. Brew loose Biluochun tea leaves

1. After ironing the cup, take the tea into the cup. At this time, the higher cup temperature can bake the tea aroma of Biluochun.

2. Rinse into the cup with moderate temperature, the amount of water needs to cover the tea leaves. Because this kind of Biluochun tea itself is relatively stretched, it does not need to use the impulse of water, but it is easy to burn the tender leaves. The method is to use a glass, fill the water along the edge of the cup, put the lid on the side of the teacup, and pour water into the lid to make it down the edge of the cup. Then quietly shake the tea cup to fully infiltrate the tea leaves.

3. Stop for about two minutes, wait for the dried tea to absorb water and stretch, then flush until full. The flushing method is the same as before. At this time, the tea leaves are wandering and dancing, or swimming between the ups and downs, which is unique to tea.

2. Brewing Biluochun tea leaves with firm and firm appearance

1. After scalding the cup, flush the water with the appropriate temperature into the cup, then take the tea and put it in, without covering.

2. After a period of time, the tea soup is cold enough to taste, and you can taste the tea. This is a bubble. In the tea evaluation, the temperature of drinking tea and smelling the fragrance is 45~55℃ if the temperature is 45~55℃. If it is higher than 60℃, the mouth is hot and the nose is hot. This time is not easy to master. If you use a glass, generally hold the cup with your hand and feel that the temperature is suitable for drinking. If you use a bowl, pour a little tea soup to the back of your hand to check the temperature.

3. The first brewed tea soup, with one third remaining, can be refilled. This is the second bubble. If the tea is thin and weak, the second bubble tea soup is thick, the tongue will be sweet after drinking, the cheeks will be fragrant, and the aftertaste is unlimited. Drink to three bubbles, then the general tea taste is weak.

Precautions for brewing Biluochun

1. Please choose a quiet and elegant environment with fresh air to brew Biluochun.

2. Choose clean tea cups and tea sets without peculiar smell to brew Biluochun to prevent odor.

3. Choose high-quality mineral water to brew Biluochun.

4. To brew Biluochun, you must first inject water and then put the tea leaves, and strictly confirm that the water temperature has dropped to about 70°C when you put the tea leaves.

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