Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Do women resign after pregnancy? If you work in these environments, resign early and be safe

Should a woman quit her job after giving birth? Generally speaking, it depends on the specific situation. If the woman is in good health and the fetus is developing normally, then there is no problem at work. If there are abnormal conditions such as abdominal pain and bleeding, it is best to ask for leave or quit your job to support at home.

Of course, those pregnant mothers who are in good health and have good fetal development do not mean that there is no problem with going to work all the time. The key depends on what class they are in.

If a woman has been working in the following environment after pregnancy, it is better to resign and be safer.

Crowded environment

A friend of mine, who had been working in a shopping mall when not pregnant, was responsible for selling children's clothing. She said that she was very busy every day. She wanted to find clothes for customers and help her to try on clothes. When he was busy, he would stop all day long. At the beginning of work, her legs were swollen all day, but in order to get a high salary, she persevered and now she is gradually adapting.

However, she had plans to resign after she became pregnant because her colleague who sold women's clothing had not been pregnant long before and she was exhausted. And she sells children's clothes, although she doesn't have to wait for female customers at the same time as selling women's clothes, but the mall is crowded, many children are naughty, and they are always running around. She is afraid of being squeezed and knocked down.

Indeed, the crowded working environment is really not suitable for pregnant women. Pregnant women themselves need to be recuperated. With the increase of months, the respiratory environment is also very demanding. It is easy for pregnant women to feel asphyxia due to hypoxia.

Moreover, the crowd is so crowded that pregnant women are inevitably squeezed or knocked over. Some people have a trampling work environment, which is not conducive to pregnant women. Therefore, if the pregnant mother is working in a crowded environment, it is best to resign for the safety of the fetus and herself.

Radiant environment

We all know that after pregnancy, doctors and family will tell pregnant mothers to pay attention to radiation protection. First of all, X-ray examination cannot be done without special circumstances. Because of this inspection, there is radiation, which may cause harm to pregnant women and fetuses, such as miscarriage, premature delivery or fetal malformations.

In addition, if radiation exists in the working environment, pregnant mothers should also consider resigning. For example, when working in a factory that is frequently exposed to high-radiation machines, or near a work site, there is high radiation.

Although working in a radiated environment, only a certain amount of radiation can cause fetal malformations, but pregnant mothers cannot be lucky. Because some radiation can affect fetal development, such as delaying fetal development, it may also cause damage to pregnant women. Therefore, staying away from the working environment with radiation after pregnancy is also responsible for yourself and the fetus.

Noisy environment

Before going to university, I went to work in an electronics factory during the summer vacation. After listening to the rumble of the machine for more than a month, I still had tinnitus symptoms during the first month of school. Because I couldn't hear what people around me said, and the buzzing in my ears, I was particularly upset and tempered at that time.

Therefore, I would like to remind pregnant mothers who work in a noisy environment to pay attention. After all, ordinary people staying in a noisy environment will be upset and have negative emotions. If a pregnant woman stays in this environment, the mood will be even more upsetting. Moreover, the noise can also make people into nervous emotions, speed up the blood flow, and then the fetus will be affected.

Therefore, if you are working in these adverse circumstances after pregnancy, it is safer for the pregnant mother to resign earlier.

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