Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Do not commit the automatic transmission car taboo-once the car is destroyed, only a moment

With the rapid development of the domestic economy, the automotive industry has also ushered in a new stage. Various new models are constantly being introduced to the market, which dazzles consumers. However, when you choose a car, most people will prefer automatic Compared with the manual transmission model, the automatic transmission model is simple in operation and convenient to use. However, you can't always use the D gear to drive, otherwise it will cause the car's power to be weak. In addition, you must keep in mind the "not allowed" of automatic transmission models, otherwise you will suffer.

Neutral glide

Under the following circumstances, novice drivers must seldom do it. For them, safety is the most important, followed by fuel consumption, then most old drivers are on the contrary, there will be a problem, in order to save fuel, the automatic transmission model is regarded as The manual gear shifts in neutral, because they are used to this kind of operation in advance. The manual gear is equipped with a clutch, which can save fuel in neutral. If it is on an automatic transmission, it will play the opposite role, not only fuel consumption, And it may wear the gearbox, reduce the service life of the steering and brake system, and will not affect the driving safety steadily.

Don't trailer at will

Many owners will ignore it and forget to mention their own drive system when towing. If it is a four-wheel drive model, it is best not to pull the trailer directly, not let the wheels touch the ground or turn off a group of driving devices, another The situation is a long-time trailer. It is recommended to install it directly on the car. It is necessary to use neutral gear when the trailer is to avoid damage to the gearbox.

The parking steps must be correct

In the eyes of most people, as long as the car is parked, it can be put into the p gear to stop the flame, but some car owners have worn out the clutch plates in the transmission because of long-term operation errors and don’t know how to stop the car properly. I don’t want to pay a lot of money to repair the car. I still have to complain about the quality of the car in the 4S shop. When the car is not completely stopped, the D gear is engaged in the r gear, and the instantaneous reverse rotation pressure is pushed to the reverse clutch plate, which will cause clutch plates in the long run. Excessive wear and tear, the correct method is not to directly engage the gear before parking, we have to stay in the neutral gear and pull the handbrake before we can engage the parking gear. In this way, for the gear of the car, the force should be less, and the damage is not so great.

Correct use of handbrake

Needless to say, when we are going uphill, we will pull the handbrake to prevent the car from sliding downhill. More than 80% of novice drivers have forgotten to let go of the handbrake before they start. I smelled a burnt smell while driving, so the brake pads were very seriously worn and would reduce power, so we must first look at the dashboard before driving.

"Not allowed" for P file and R file

When waiting for a traffic light, do not hang the gear on the P gear. Otherwise, if the rear-end collision occurs, the gearbox will be particularly damaged and may even be scrapped directly, so it is generally recommended to use the N gear; as for R Gear, before the car is not stabilized, it is forbidden to engage in R gear, otherwise the unique gearbox will have an impact, which will cause the gearbox to be damaged, and this is one of the reasons why the automatic gear is easier to damage than the manual gear. .

Don’t arbitrarily trailer until the car breaks down

For manual transmission models, after a failure, you can hang the neutral gear and be towed away by the trailer, but the automatic transmission cannot do this, and you must determine whether your car is a front drive, a rear drive, or a four-wheel drive. After being damaged, the gearbox cannot run. If you directly hang the neutral trailer, it will damage the gearbox. Therefore, when the trailer is to be driven, make sure that the drive wheels are off the ground, and the drive wheels cannot be dragged.

When the car is stopped, do not push into the P gear first

Some people, when driving, encounter emergency braking, they will choose to put P gear first, but they do not know that this will make all the external pressure let the gearbox bear, and may even directly cause damage to the gearbox or gear. If it is stuck and can't be connected, even if you don't worry about the gearbox problem, push it directly to P gear, then it will damage the gear of P gear, so when braking, you must first pull the handbrake, then push P gear, otherwise you will suffer Is you.

Don't taxi in N gear

For manual gear downhill, the neutral gear will be downhill, which can achieve the effect of fuel saving, but for experienced veteran drivers, this behavior should not be done as much as possible. As for the automatic transmission, if the N gear glides when going downhill, it is likely to cause the car's gearbox to fail to supply fuel to the car, resulting in gear wear, and some internal parts heat up, which eventually damages the gearbox. Therefore, for automatic transmission, N-speed coasting is undesirable.

After reading the above driving skills, the editor believes that the advanced technology now brings some convenience to our lives, but we must also learn to use these things reasonably, otherwise it will be counterproductive, and once it happens, it will bring unnecessary Trouble, if you take care of the car in the right way, the lifespan will also increase for several years. When selling used cars, the price will be higher.

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