Monday, June 22, 2020

Do gastroscopy to prevent gastric cancer

Gastric cancer is one of the common malignant tumors in my country, but it is preventable and curable. As long as it is detected and treated early, the cure rate can reach 90%.

Compared with the 60% overall cure rate of gastric cancer in Japan, the cure rate of gastric cancer in my country is relatively low. This is mainly because Japan stipulates that gastroscopy should be started after the age of 50. More than 60% of patients can be detected early, while only about 10% of patients in my country are found early.

Gastroscopy will be painful if no painless measures are taken. However, at present, if you want to detect early gastric cancer, you can only rely on gastroscopy to detect gastric cancer by other methods. Most of them are not early, and the stage of gastric cancer directly affects the prognosis. The early manifestation of gastric cancer is very secretive. It may be the same as a small plaque on our hands, but the color of the gastric mucosa has changed a little. Current CT, contrast and other technologies, although able to scan out stomach lesions of a certain diameter, cannot capture such subtle changes.

Three categories of people should be vigilant:

One is a person with a family history of cancer. Among the two or three generations of relatives, those with digestive system tumors or other tumors have a higher probability of stomach cancer.

The second is people with bad eating habits. Such as long-term smoking, drinking, especially eat hot food, pickled and grilled food, high-salt food and other people.

The third is patients with stomach ulcers, chronic gastritis and other stomach diseases. People with these diseases should be actively treated to prevent disease progression.

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