Monday, June 22, 2020

Difference: What is the difference between "ADHD" and the normal "naughty and active"?

1. There are qualitative differences in hyperactive behavior: normal naughty children with hyperactive behavior are understandable, and the behavioral behavior of children with ADHD is relatively abrupt, impulsive, destructive, annoying and uncontrollable.

2. In terms of active attention: most children with ADHD will lose their attention during class, and their homework will be scribbled, procrastinated, and learning will drop; normal naughty children will concentrate most of the time. As you age, your academic performance is increasing.

3. Although normal children behave loosely, such as making small movements in class, or even making fights, but when he realizes that he must control himself, he can control it; while children with ADHD cannot control himself.

4. Normal children behave flexibly when performing fast, repetitive and alternate movements; children with ADHD behave very clumsyly.

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