Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Diet during pregnancy is very important, if you eat it wrong, you will not be guilty of it, and it will affect your baby's development

After a woman is pregnant, diet is a big aspect, because only eating well can pregnant mothers and fetuses be healthy. Moreover, the family hopes that the pregnant mother will eat well, and then save enough energy to produce smoothly, and also hope that the fetus absorbs nutrients, develops well, and is born with fewer illnesses.

Therefore, diet during pregnancy is very important. But it is not good to eat the wrong way. If you do not suffer, it will affect your baby's development. Like the following commonly used eating methods, it is undesirable, and it is easy to hurt yourself and your fetus.

Tonic during pregnancy, excessive weight gain of pregnant mothers, and babies can easily become huge

After some women become pregnant, the family will treat her as a key target of care, big fish and meat all day, and give her soup from time to time. But in this way, it is easy to make up during pregnancy, the weight of the pregnant mother is easy to increase excessively, and the baby is easy to become a huge child.

Pregnant mothers are overweight and have limited mobility. They are also prone to increased blood pressure, poor breathing, gestational diabetes, and congestive heart failure. If it causes excessive nutrition, pregnant mothers absorb indigestion, and it is easy to cause gastrointestinal diseases. When the baby becomes a huge child, one is not easy to give birth, and the other is that the baby is prone to development problems and some neonatal diseases occur.

Therefore, do not blindly tonic during pregnancy, eat in moderation, balanced nutrition. Don’t be big fish and meat every day, but add fruits and vegetables. It is not easy to cause dry stools, and smooth bowel movements are good for mothers and infants.

Eating too much every day, frequent meals, causing gastrointestinal discomfort, affecting the baby's absorption of nutrition

In addition to nutritious food, eating too much every day, adding meals too often is not good. It is easy to cause gastrointestinal discomfort for pregnant mothers, frequent diarrhea, constipation, indigestion, and then overeating for a few days, then reducing food and meals for a few days, pregnant mothers will suffer very much. Moreover, because there are always problems with the diet, it will also affect the baby's absorption of nutrients, which is detrimental to their development.

Therefore, pregnant mothers should pay attention to eating less often, rather than eating more. As long as the nutrition can keep up, pay attention to eating only when you are hungry, and don’t force yourself to eat too much after you eat a good meal.

Adding meals before going to bed is not easy to digest, affects sleep, and delays baby development

Other pregnant mothers, who have the habit of adding meals before going to bed, are mainly worried about being hungry at night. In fact, this habit is very bad. Because after sleeping, the pregnant mother lay still, and the gastrointestinal function will also weaken at night, and the added meal will be difficult to digest. In this case, pregnant mothers will feel uncomfortable in the abdomen due to indigestion and affect sleep.

Therefore, it is not advisable to add a meal before going to bed that is not beneficial to the pregnant mother and the fetus. If a pregnant mother is really worried about going hungry at night, she can prepare some food on the bedside in advance, and eat it when she is hungry, which is better than not eating.

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