Monday, June 22, 2020

Diet and emotions: eating a good mood

Eating health and happiness is something everyone can do on their own. Diet adjustment is the best way to relieve stress and resist depression. Don’t ignore this well-known truth. Everyone wants to take care of their emotions, don’t forget to focus on the big part of eating health, to be better for yourself, start with a healthy eating method. do you know? Some foods can improve your mood and cheer you up. Here are some tips for dealing with bad emotions and the negative effects of partial eclipse on mood.

1. Carbohydrates can relieve angry or tense emotions, such as rice, noodle foods, including sugar. After Secretary Shio eats a lot of sugar, his emotions change from sensitive to natural, which is expressed in language as "sweet words." Because carbohydrates can release a messenger substance called serotonin in the brain to calm people. However, eating too much of a sweet product will not only increase blood sugar and cholesterol, but also cause the deficiency of vitamin B1 in the body, but it will make people irritable and easy to lose their temper. This is what is called "sugar-induced mental irritability" in medicine.

2. Foods rich in zinc relieve emotional and sensitive emotions, such as nuts or shellfish.

3. Spicy food relieves depressed mood. Because the capsaicin contained in the pepper can stimulate the brain to release endorphins that make people feel happy through the burning sensation in the mouth. But eating too much spicy will stimulate the gastric mucosa, and can make the "lung qi too strong", mood is noisy and irritable, Xiao Dong too much spicy food triggers irritability and destroys the beautiful marriage with Secretary Xiao

4. Eating sour food can promote appetite, have spleen appetizing effect, and can enhance liver function and improve the absorption of calcium and phosphorus. But excessive consumption can not only cause gastrointestinal spasm and digestive dysfunction, but also make people stubborn and prone to jealousy, which is shown in words and deeds. Secretary Xiao had ever committed this

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