Monday, June 22, 2020

Determine the bone calcium content of a lifetime during young age

For the elderly over 65 years old, probably the incidence of osteoporosis can account for more than 30%, it should be noted at this time, because once these patients have osteoporosis, in fact, the biggest harm is that it can cause patients Fracture. After osteoporotic fracture, it will cause pain for the elderly. In addition, it will endanger the lives of the elderly, for example, fractures of the hips due to osteoporosis fractures. This kind of thing happens when the elderly are bedridden. About 19% of people will suffer from hip joints. The fracture will die within the next few years.

Men and women pay attention to different ages of bone mass

After 45 years of age, women should check the bone density when they have some menstrual instability, or menopause, etc., which is also helpful to avoid the occurrence of a fracture after osteoporosis.

For men, when they are in their 60s, especially after 65, they should pay attention to the loss of their bone mass. At this time, you can go to the hospital to check a bone density to determine their bone mass.

Early symptoms of osteoporosis are easily overlooked

The occurrence of osteoporosis is a gradual process, and many of the symptoms are not particularly obvious. For example, some of us feel that for a period of time, the appetite has decreased, the physical strength has decreased, and sometimes there is some foot cramps, or It is a case of hand muscle cramps, or we will feel some pain in the lumbar spine, hips, or calves, we should pay attention, especially when these people reach a certain age, we should pay more attention to this aspect. Problem. Especially for bone pain, when there is some discomfort and pain in the skeletal system, more attention should be paid to the occurrence of osteoporosis bone pain is one of the most clear symptoms of osteoporosis.

When you are young, it is the most important period to determine the bone calcium content in life

When you are young, you should pay attention to such a situation of your bone calcium. That is to say, when you are young, it is the most important period to determine the bone calcium content of your life. That is, between 35 and 40 years old is a peak period of bone calcium. .

Before this, pay attention to the supplement of calcium content and some activities that can increase bone calcium, including exercise, including sun exposure, including more calcium supplements from the diet, which can increase the peak value of own calcium content, to When calcium is gradually lost after preparation, it can have a larger reserve to prevent loss.

Eating calcium tablets to supplement calcium, sometimes the stomach is not very comfortable, a little bloated, or even constipation?

Calcium supplements cause constipation, which is a relatively common condition. Because the calcium agent is white, it is a kind of agent similar to a stone block. It is slowly dissolved and absorbed into the body, into the stomach, and into the intestine. During this process, it will stimulate the stomach The intestines can cause discomfort, and even form some clear symptoms such as constipation. Then one way is that you can crush it and eat it. In addition, it is generally not very soluble in water. Some experts advocate that the calcium should be taken in the meal. During the meal, you can absorb the calcium and reduce the reaction of your gastrointestinal tract. This is a method.

In fact, we advocate the use of food supplements, because calcium, it is 600 mg, if you can reach the standard of food intake, try to supplement with food.

Drink milk every day and eat more soy products

Generally normal adults, the amount of calcium it supplements is 600 to 800 mg a day, basically enough. Childhood, pregnant women, and the elderly should be larger than this amount, and an intake of 800 to 1200 mg should be supplemented to ensure its adequate raw materials. It is best to drink some milk every day. Soy milk, milk, dried shrimp skin, kelp, these can be.

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