Thursday, June 25, 2020

Demystifying the magical use of wormwood ash in life

Artemisia argyi is a common Chinese herbal medicine. It has many effects and can bring many benefits to our health. So how can we make full use of Aiye?

1. Treat beriberi

When you suffer from beriberi, you can apply wormwood ash to the affected area to stop itching immediately. General beriberi, many times a day, will heal after a few days, this method is very effective! If beriberi is particularly severe, combined with moxibustion will have better results.

2. Special effects on wound treatment

(1) Anti-inflammatory and sterilization: Wormwood ash has anti-inflammatory and sterilizing effects. After use, local redness and pain will gradually disappear.

(2) Hemostasis: When the wound bleeds, sprinkle wormwood ash on the wound continuously, and hemostasis will be stopped soon.

(3) Keep the wound dry: When there is bleeding or exudation in the wound, sprinkle wormwood ash and the wound will dry quickly. Even if the leakage is serious, repeated sprinkling of wormwood ash can also keep the wound dry, and ensuring the dryness of the wound is the most important measure to avoid infection, and it is also an indispensable condition for rapid wound healing. The advantage of Artemisia argyi can not be replaced by many drugs.

(4) Wound protection: Wormwood ash is sprinkled on the wound. After absorbing blood or exuded liquid, the wormwood ash will stick tightly to the wound, which can protect the wound well. Although it feels hard, it actually feels that the local wound is still breathable and does not feel tight, and it will not come off when it is in water, and it is not afraid of water washing.

(5) It is not easy to leave scars: After injury, will there be scars on the skin, which is related to whether the wound is infected and whether the blood supply at the wound is sufficient. With the use of wormwood ash, the chance of wound infection is greatly reduced. Without infection, ugly scars will not grow. Wounds that are too deep will leave marks but not scars. As long as there is sufficient blood in the body, hot compresses or moxa sticks are often applied to local blood supply to promote local blood supply. I believe that the marks left after injury will definitely be Very shallow.

3. Treat acne

Acne grows and becomes red and swollen. At this time, a little ash leaves are applied, and the acne will quickly dry out, and it will slowly fall off, and no acne marks will be left!

4. Used for beauty

Add some ash leaf ash to the facial cleanser to wash your face. It has a particularly clean and refreshing feeling after washing. You can also use wormwood ash to make a mask. Use wormwood ash and egg white, or wormwood ash plus milk and honey to make a thick mask on your face. Wash it off after 20 minutes. Not only does the skin turn white, but it is also very delicate bright.

5. Moisture absorption and deodorization

People with sweaty feet put moxa bags in the shoes they take off, and the moisture absorption effect is first-class! In addition, wormwood ash is a natural deodorant. It is packed in a small cloth bag and placed in a toilet, kitchen, or refrigerator. It has the effect of deodorizing, which is comparable to bamboo charcoal.

6. Flowers and fattening

Artemisia ash is an excellent fertilizer for plants and trees. Mixing artemisia ash in the soil, flowers and plants love it, and it looks prosperous.

7. Treat children's red buttocks

Babies often have red buttocks. Mothers use a lot of creams, creams and oils. The effect is repeated, especially fear of dependence. At this time, you can use wormwood ash and sesame oil to mix well to coat the child's red buttocks, and then put on the diaper as usual. When you change it next time, you will find that haha, the little PP is not red at all. Moms can try it! Adult sores can also be used this way.

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