Monday, June 29, 2020

Daily maintenance and precautions of the wheel hub

The hub is mainly divided into two types of casting and forging from the manufacturing process. Generally, the casting ring is aluminum, and the forging ring has aluminum, and some are added with titanium. In general, the forging ring is strong, and the forging ring is used for racing. The first-level forging ring used for racing is equivalent to half the weight of our ordinary casting ring. The lighter the weight, the smaller the power loss of the car and the faster it runs.

Another distinguishing index of the hub is the difference between the hole pitch and the eccentricity. The hole distance is simply the position of the screw, and the eccentricity reflects the distance from the surface of the hub (fixed surface) to the center line of the hub. The requirements of a good hub are: uniform density, round shape, low thermal deformation, and high strength.

The wheels can be updated. Some people upgrade their cars to use larger wheels, but the outer diameter of the tires does not change, the flatness of the tires becomes larger, the lateral swing of the car is smaller, and the stability is improved. What is lost is comfort.

The combination of tires and wheels is like a combination of clothes and shoes for a car. The combination can be complementary.

Protect wheels

The wheels of luxury cars are mostly made of aluminum alloy. This wheel looks beautiful, but it's also very cute. To maintain the beautiful appearance of the hub, in addition to taking extra care to prevent accidental damage to the hub during driving, the hub must also be regularly maintained and maintained. If there is time, it should be thoroughly cleaned once a week.

1. Wash away the sand particles and dirt on the surface of the hub that are likely to cause damage to the hub. Otherwise, the surface of the alloy will be corroded and damaged.

2. Treat the inner and outer surfaces of the hub with an acid-proof cleaner. It is best to apply wax to the hub every 2 months, as this will extend the life of the hub.

Note: In order not to damage the protective layer on the surface of the hub, paint brightener or other abrasive materials should not be used on the hub. When the alloy protective paint is damaged, such as scratches caused by hard objects during driving, the alloy wheels should be repaired as soon as possible and repainted. This is best done at a professional repair station.

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