Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Crying is self-care and should not exceed fifteen minutes

Crying is a human instinct, a human emotion expression, and a kind of self-care.

Psychologist William Frye of the University of Minnesota conducted a five-year study on crying. The results show that men can cry up to 7 times in a month, and live longer.

Fry did an interesting experiment: He let a group of people watch moving movies and collect their tears from gratitude; let another group of people cut onions to collect the tears they left with spicy eyes. As a result, it was found that the emotional tears shed by gratitude contained catecholamines, but not the reflection tears. Fry pointed out that catecholamine is a chemical released by the brain under emotional stress. If it accumulates too much in the body, it will easily increase the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. It is particularly necessary for people to shed emotional tears at the right time, which is to detoxify the body and mind. Therefore, don't hold on when you should cry.

Crying if you don’t move easily

1/3 of people did not feel relieved after crying. Experts recommended crying for up to 15 minutes

Everyone will cry, but the difference is that some people are cold-blooded and don’t grieve to see anything; some people are born with shallow eyes, and a small thing can make him drop the golden beans. In this regard, Xie Shiping, director of the Second Department of Psychiatry of Nanjing Brain Hospital, pointed out that people who cry all the time usually have melancholic characteristics.

Crying is an amazing gift that God has given to people, but if you cry too much, it will break down the spiritual defense. For example, Sister Lin in "The Dream of Red Mansions", no matter how extreme, it can explain this problem. Xie Shiping said that the reason why some people cry easily is because they are naturally sensitive and have a melancholic temperament. Such people are more likely to be affected by crying, which breaks the psychological balance and damages the body and mind.

In addition, research conducted by psychologists at the University of South Florida and the University of Tilburg in the Netherlands found that one-third of people did not feel relieved after crying, and one-tenth of them became more vicious after crying. If you cry for too long, the risk of anxiety, mania, depression, and other mood disorders is relatively high, and it is also easy to enter the fatigue period. Therefore, experts suggest that the time of crying should not be too long, usually within 15 minutes.

Some people with depression often cry too. They usually cry in silence instead of crying. Therefore, Xie Shiping suggested that if someone finds that someone has been emotionally depressed for two weeks, and often tears secretly, they should be vigilant. Such crying may be a morbid performance caused by depression, and they should seek medical treatment in time.

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