Friday, June 26, 2020

Compulsory course for tea drinkers, common sense about tea washing

Before drinking tea, washing tea can remove dust, as well as wake up tea and moisten the tea. Let's take a look at the basic knowledge of the six major tea categories.

Some of the six types of tea do not need to be washed. For example, green tea of ​​good quality is relatively delicate. It does not need to be washed. White tea does not need to be washed. Oolong tea only needs to be washed once.

Six basic knowledge of tea

green tea

Green tea is tasteless after being brewed two or three times. Green tea is a tea with less impurities, just wash it with warm water.

Green tea of ​​better quality and more delicate tea are of better quality than other grades of tea, clean and not resistant to foaming, and do not need to be washed.

Oolong tea

Oolong tea is usually cleaned once, and it also has the purpose of waking up tea, and it still retains the aroma and taste of tea.

For brewing oolong tea, you can inject water at a fixed point on the wall of the cup. Do not directly flush the water on the tea leaves, so that the tea will not feel bitter.

black tea

Black tea is more delicate than other teas and has a mild tea nature. The tea brewed for the first time can be retained because the black tea juice will adhere to the surface of the dry tea when it is twisted.

These tea juices contain nutrients and are dissolved in the first tea soup, so the black tea brewed for the first time is rich in nutrients and the taste is not strong.

Black tea, Pu'er tea

Black tea is squeezed tea, it is to be washed, which has the effect of waking up the tea leaves.

When brewing black tea or Pu'er in the bowl, pour water along the edge of the bowl, do not directly pour on the tea, and use ring or spiral water injection.

The first brew tea, the soup should be fast, the water temperature is controlled at 93 degrees Celsius, if it is loose tea, the water temperature is 90 degrees Celsius.

The second bubble can be consumed normally at the beginning, and the second and third bubbles are properly stuffed for 10 seconds, and then the soup is consumed after a long time.

The main elements are: proper amount of tea, water temperature control, water injection angle and speed are slower, control the stuffing time, wash twice before brewing tea.

Yellow tea

Yellow tea is a kind of lightly fermented tea, and yellow tea does not need to be washed.

The buds of the yellow tea are tender, it is forbidden to brew with high temperature, and use the glass or bowl to soak the Junshan Silver Needle.

When brewing yellow tea in a bowl, take the appropriate yellow tea and add it to the bowl. The water is brewed in a spiral along the clockwise direction of the tea leaves.

The number of tea leaves is about five minutes of the capacity of the bowl. The water temperature is controlled at about 85 degrees. When brewing, remember not to cover it, otherwise it will have a bitter taste.

White tea

White tea is made with fresh tea leaves. When the first tea is brewed, the essence of the tea leaves is left in the tea water. If the tea brewed for the first time is poured, the taste of the tea will be very light.

Moreover, the production process of white tea is very delicate. Good quality white tea is clean and can be brewed directly. White tea does not need to be washed.

When washing tea, worry about the dust of the tea leaves, you can quickly rinse the tea for the first time, and immediately dump it.

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