Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Compared with the most difficult period of pregnancy, morning sickness is simply pediatric

Next, I will roughly divide the pregnancy period into 4 stages, and talk about their difficulties.

Early pregnancy

The pregnant mother who has just become pregnant is happy, because at this time the body has basically not appeared any abnormalities, but just to pay attention to daily behavioral activities, many things can not be eaten after pregnancy, this is for pregnant mothers It's not that difficult. The really difficult moment in the first trimester is when the morning sickness begins. Morning sickness generally begins to appear in the fifth week of pregnancy. In severe cases, it may not even be able to eat. In fact, severe morning sickness is a symptom of fetal development and health. It is a mixed feeling for pregnant mothers. During this period, pregnant mothers should take a good rest. Because the fetus develops slowly, you don’t have to force yourself to take supplements. You can eat some food that suits your appetite. . Generally, morning sickness will stop in the 12th week. If the pregnant mother has nausea and vomiting for a long time, you should go to the hospital for examination in time.


After entering the second trimester, the growth rate of fetal movement is obviously faster. At this time, the pregnant mother may not be used to her belly, so she may be very tired during the activity due to the change of the center of gravity, and often have a backache during the day but late at night. Pregnant mothers can let their husbands massage themselves and relax at night, and wear appropriate abdominal belts to reduce their stress. In addition, the pregnant mother can obviously feel the fetal movement when she is 5 months pregnant. If the baby is not honest in the stomach, it may affect the rest of the pregnant mother.

Third trimester

After entering the third trimester, the fetal belly is bigger, but the pregnant mother may have become accustomed to this "cumbersome". At this time, the most uncomfortable is a series of symptoms such as frequent urination, constipation and insomnia, which together can be said to be pregnant For the most difficult period, pregnant mothers can wear adult diapers and use pregnant women's U-shaped pillows to improve their sleep quality.

After entering the basin

Four weeks before delivery, the fetus begins to enter the basin. At this time, the pregnant mother has entered the delivery period. She may deliver at any time. You should reduce your exercise to prevent premature delivery. You should prepare the delivery package in advance and contact the hospital to determine the accompanying staff during delivery. , Prepare everything properly.

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