Thursday, June 25, 2020

Common sense to visit my girlfriend's house for the first time

1. Visit her girlfriend's house, and you can no longer hold her hand when she is near her house, because her neighbors will make a big talk.

2. After entering the house, don't be too casual and too affectionate with her. Her family is watching your every move to avoid leaving a bad impression.

3. Don't watch your watch from time to time, otherwise her family will think you are not willing to stay at her house.

4. When leaving, don't show a slack gesture as soon as you step out of the door, because the family behind her is still observing you.

5. It should also be noted that the day before going to the girlfriend's house for a formal visit, you must take a shower and change your clothes. You must be clean and tidy. You must not be sloppy. You don't respect each other and leave a bad first. An impression.

The most important thing is that the whole body exudes a clean feeling, such as dandruff on the shoulder is the most disgusting. Men usually win by appearance, because the eyes of their parents are easy to see in detail: clean and tidy hair, beard, clean collar and cuffs of shirts, neat and clean nail repairs, straight trousers, clean socks and shoes.

Getting to the door of a lover's house for the first time is like taking an exam. It is necessary to pay attention to the costumes and appearances, and make the necessary preparations for answering the conversation. This can be done from four aspects:

1. Stable emotions, self-confidence, sincere and sincere, decent and generous, and certainly welcome; hypocrisy, squeamish, will inevitably be rejected. With self-confidence, the tense mood will slowly calm down.

Second, understand the situation. Ask the person you are in love with about family members, parents' occupations, culture, interests, experiences, personality, etc. The more detailed the better. Be familiar with the situation before you can be prepared first, and you can be targeted when talking.

3. The initial content. Think about what questions the other party will ask. On such occasions, future parents-in-law will often ask about your family, work, hobbies, etc. so that you can make some preparations yourself.

Fourth, properly prepare gifts, go to the other party's house for the first time, and give some gifts to the other party's parents. This is not only necessary to show your respect for the elders, but also your sincerity. Generally speaking, the other party's parents will accept However, it should be noted that the gifts should not be too expensive, otherwise the starting point is too high, I am afraid you will be unsustainable in the future.

For the first time, the two sides were bound to be bound. After greetings, there will often be cold spots. At this time, the topic will be brought out. One method is to obtain materials locally. Look carefully at the walls, windowsills, tables, etc., celebrity calligraphy and paintings on the walls, chrysanthemums on the windowsills, and various small furnishings on the table can be borrowed into the conversation. Because they often reflect the host's tastes and hobbies, and can make the host speak many pleasant words. Another method is to avoid being born. To elicit the topic, avoid the other party's strange things. Starting from the other party's most familiar, you can talk about the news and chat.

When the other party’s parents ask questions, they will be narrative, with a respectful attitude and a slightly lower voice. Speak clearly, layer by layer, and be polite when talking. When elders praise young people, they always like to say, "This child is very sensible!" Generally, the standard of elders to judge the quality of young people, in addition to their natural appearance and their talents, depends on whether he is "sensible", that is, whether he can understand reason. . When talking to each other's parents, you must pay attention to politeness, be humble and respectful, and be empathetic.

There are four aspects that should be taboo when first entering the lover's house:

1. Avoid cheating. Be honest, speak your heart, like a pool of clear water, clear and bottomless; do not pretend to be slick.

2. Avoid boasting about yourself. To understand: it does not mean that you are smart, it is smart; it does not exaggerate your virtue, it is virtue.

3. Avoid timidity. Understand: the more afraid you are to make a mistake, the more you will be able to say the wrong thing; Being timid, cautious, and shy is a taboo when talking to a lover's door.

Fourth, avoid harsh language. Language must be civilized, impolite mantras, idioms, etc. must be abstained.

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