Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Common manifestations of low immunity

Immunity is the body's own immunity and the body's ability to resist external disease. However, modern people pay little attention to their immunity. Many people think that only children need to improve immunity. They are strong and strong, and the disease can no longer find their own. Our bodies will be affected by diseases. When your body shows the following symptoms, it means that your immunity has declined and you need to improve your own immunity.

1. Constant colds and repetitive attacks. The weather changes slightly. Whether it is cold or hot, you will start sneezing if you don’t add or subtract clothes in a timely manner, and then you will be accompanied by a cold and frequent stools. Well, repeated attacks, which means that your immunity has declined.

2. It is especially easy to feel tired and unenergized at work. I feel tired after doing a little more work. I can't find any organic lesions when I go to the hospital for examination. After a period of rest, your energy is relieved. Fatigue reappeared after a few days.

3. Stomach and gastronomy are sick. If you eat out, everyone else is safe and sound. Only you are vomiting and diarrhea. This shows that there is a problem with the protective function of your stomach and intestines. This is also a manifestation of low immunity.

4. Easily infected, and your wounds are easily infected. When your colleague or family member catches a cold, you are always infected, which means that you are always injured by an infectious disease, which proves that your resistance is in question. When a part of your body is accidentally scratched, a normal person can be cured for a few days, but your wounds are always red, swollen and pus. It takes a long time to be good, which also means that the resistance is reduced.

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