Saturday, June 27, 2020

Car winter "winter supplement" car paint battery lubricant should take into account

As we all know, January is the month with the lowest average monthly temperature in our city. In such severe cold weather, our car also needs to do some necessary maintenance like people.

Car paint maintenance: The dry air in winter combined with the snow, wind and sand will attack the car paint. If you have the habit of not washing the car in snow, then you should pay attention to it, because the snow water and rain water remaining on the car body have acidic and other corrosive substances, which will not only damage the car paint, but also make the chassis premature. Rust marks appear.

Battery maintenance: If the vehicle is not easy to start early in the morning, it is best to start it again every 30 seconds or so, and avoid continuous ignition to prevent the motor from being burned and the battery running out of power. In order to save electrical energy when starting the vehicle, it is best to ignite first, and then use electrical equipment such as headlights; when parking, you must first turn off various electrical appliances and finally turn off the flame.

Lubricant maintenance: With the change of temperature, the viscosity of ordinary lubricating oil will also deteriorate with the decrease of air temperature. The increase of frictional resistance during the movement of automobile parts will cause the difficulty of cold starting of the car, and it may even cause burning of the axle Wait for an accident. Therefore, it is best to replace the special oil with a temperature below 10W in winter. The coolant should be selected to be about 10℃ lower than the minimum temperature in the area, and it must be changed every two years. If the coolant is insufficient, make up in time, otherwise the engine water temperature will be too high, resulting in damage to engine parts.

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