Saturday, June 27, 2020

Car washing in winter is easy to cause icing

In the rain and snow in winter, many car owners will find it difficult to wash the car. Winter car wash is affected by temperature, weather and other issues. After washing in the car wash, I thought there was no problem. But the problem may come to you inadvertently. Sohu Automotive Car Channel will analyze how to avoid these possible problems for everyone, and provide you with a reference for car washing this winter.

First, the car wash process of the car wash shop

A possible problem with self-washing cars in winter is that the water freezes on the vehicles, which may damage the paint surface of the vehicles, and the cold weather in winter is easy to form ice, so it is best to wash the cars with warm water. In winter, most car wash shops use warm water to clean your car. The advantage of this is that the paint surface of the vehicle is well protected during the car washing process.

Car wash liquid should also pay attention to, do not use washing powder or other alkaline detergents to wash the car, but should choose neutral car wash liquid, strong alkaline detergent will accelerate the lacquer surface, tire aging. In the car wash shop, the car wash master will choose the appropriate car wash liquid according to the state of the vehicle.

It is also skillful when flushing car fluids. Don’t just rush around. Be sure to rinse from top to bottom, along the direction of the water flow. This will ensure that the car wash is washed away more cleanly and also protects the car's paint surface. Remember to never face the paint surface with a water gun, as this can easily damage the paint surface.

Don't think that after washing the surface of the vehicle, the car wash liquid will be washed away. The cleanness of the surface does not mean that the gap is also clean. After rinsing the car wash liquid on the surface of the vehicle, it is necessary to carefully wash the gaps of the vehicle, such as the front face of the car, the gap of the window, the gap of the car plate, etc.

There are also more particularities about wiping the body. First, choose the right tool. Two sponges and two car wash towels for car wiping. Sponges and car wash towels cannot be used in the end, because there may be some fine sand that cannot be washed off after wiping the car, which is likely to scratch the car paint. Attention should also be paid to the details, such as the joints of vehicle parts and the dust removal in the car.

The cleaning of the vehicle was completed, and I looked at my clean car. My heart is always unavoidable, you have to be careful at this time. The task of car washing is over, what is coming is the problems that may arise after the car washing.

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