Sunday, June 28, 2020

Car Tips Regular internal disinfection/frequent inspection of tires

Many car owners have bad driving habits, how can they drive the car better, and what should they pay attention to in the process of using the car? The following provides some tips for car owners for reference.

Regularly disinfect the interior of the car

Winter comes to spring, the weather gets warmer, and bacteria are prone to breed in this season, so it is very necessary to disinfect the car. The interior of the car should be kept dry, clean and tidy, especially for the sanitary corners such as car seats and air outlets.

Check tires frequently to reduce accidents

The tires should be checked for abnormal wear every 6000~8000 kilometers, check the tire pressure and check the front wheel positioning. Improper use and maintenance of the tire may cause danger; overloading may cause excessive tire friction and burst the tire; insufficient tire pressure, wear to the lip, and the belly of the tire is also easy to burst; excessive tire pressure will cause tire tread in the center of the tire Worn; worn tires can cause accidents, and tire patterns may be smoothed out because the wheels have been driving for too long. Replace the old tires as soon as possible.

The new car break-in period is very important

The most important stage in car maintenance is the new car running-in period. During the running-in period, some iron filings will be generated in the engine. If the iron filings are not cleaned immediately, it will cause internal wear of the engine, as well as abnormal wear of the piston, so that the car may eat oil or burn incompletely in the future. .

Fuel consumption is related to car maintenance

The fuel consumption of a car has a great relationship with the usual maintenance. The car mainly strengthens the maintenance of the air filter. If the air filter is too dirty or clogged, the mixture will be too rich and increase fuel consumption; the spark plug electrode gap is adjusted properly and kept clean, otherwise it will affect the quality of the spark and increase fuel consumption ; Brake adjustment is also related to fuel consumption. Adjusting the brake is both a fuel-saving requirement and a guarantee of safety.

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