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Car spontaneous combustion is more fierce than tiger

The probability of a car spontaneous combustion in a car accident is very low, but once it occurs, the loss will be huge, and a new car may become worthless scrap within a few minutes. From the current investigation of auto spontaneous combustion accidents, talk about the reasons for auto spontaneous combustion.

From the current investigation of auto spontaneous combustion accidents, there are four main reasons for auto spontaneous combustion:

Poor quality modification

In spontaneous combustion accidents caused by line faults, the main reason is "grounding". In particular, many users of new car purchases love the car they just purchased. An anti-theft device may be added to the vehicle, a high-end audio-visual system may be replaced, a car light may be modified or added to improve the styling, and several vehicle electrical appliances may be added. However, since it was not refitted in a professional refit shop, the circuit layout and specific structure of the vehicle were not analyzed, and the line power review was not carried out. For this reason, there are many kinds of wrong modification such as random wire arbitrage, no insurance in places where the load is large, and the friction-prone parts are not effectively fixed. Once the problem of aging, overloading, poor contact, or wear of the "ground" occurs, a large amount of heat energy will be generated at the "ground".

Short circuit in the car

In some single-wire cars, the broken insulation of the live wire or the “grounding” of the electrical appliance will cause a short circuit, especially for vehicles that have been used for a long time, the wiring is old and the wiring is disorderly arranged. The "guardian" of the wires on the car is a fuse. Once the wire is short-circuited and a large current is instantly generated, the fuse will be quickly blown. However, if the fuse is too large, for example, it is convenient to replace the standard fuse with copper wire, and the protection function is lost, it may cause a short circuit of the wire and cause a fire. In addition, the battery hot wire \ (positive wire\) on the single-wire vehicle and the metal body on the vehicle are short-circuited, and a fire may also occur.

Fire caused by dangerous goods

When it comes to dangerous goods, people often think of only large tank trucks, but we do not know that lighters, perfumes, mousses, etc. in our daily lives are also dangerous goods that constitute automobile fires. If these items are placed in a part of the car that is easily focused by the sun rays, it also has a certain fire risk. Once other flammable components in the car are ignited, the consequences are equally serious.

Improper parking location

Some spontaneous combustion accidents are caused by outside. For example, an improper parking location can easily cause surrounding objects to catch fire and eventually set itself on fire. So this involves parking safety. The temperature in the summer is hot, and you should pay attention to whether there are flammable substances under the car when parking, such as hay, paper piles, etc. Because the temperature of the three-way catalyst on the bottom of the vehicle is relatively high after driving, the general temperature is between 300℃ and 400℃. In summer, the temperature may be higher, and the whole device may even be red. Once there are flammable substances under the vehicle at this time, it will be easily ignited by the three-way catalytic device, resulting in spontaneous combustion of the vehicle.

Protection and rescue during spontaneous combustion

Although spontaneous combustion of cars is a problem that no one wants to encounter, once a spontaneous combustion accident occurs, first of all, we must first learn to escape and extinguish the fire. Spontaneous combustion generally has precursors, such as abnormal sounds and odors in the car body. At this time, it should be stopped immediately to stop the flame. It is best to park the car in a sheltered place. Look for the fire point and be careful not to open the front cover of the car at will. Because the air enters the car, it is easy to support combustion. Hold the fire extinguisher in your hand and turn it on. If you can't control the fire, dial 119 to report the fire immediately, and dial the insurance company's report phone number to get the report number as soon as possible. After the fire brigade extinguishes the fire, remember to ask for a police certificate and issue a fire explanation. According to the requirements of the insurance company, it was dragged to the repair shop and notified the insurance company to fix the damage.

Great knowledge on fire fighting

There are many reasons for spontaneous combustion of cars, and different fire extinguishing methods should be adopted according to the fire source and the ignition position of the car body. If there is a fire in the hood or under the dashboard, it is often caused by a malfunction of electrical equipment or a fuel leak in the fuel system. At this time, the car should be driven away from the lane as soon as possible, turn off the ignition switch, all personnel should get off the vehicle quickly, and use the fire extinguisher that comes with the car Extinguishing. If there is no fire extinguisher, the fire in the engine hood can be extinguished with sand, or thick cloth, work clothes, etc. can be used to extinguish the fire. However, pay attention to one detail. Wear gloves when lifting the cover and turn your face to the side to avoid scalding your face. In addition, remember that in the early stages of a fire, you must not rush to open the engine cover to extinguish the fire, whether it is a front engine or a rear engine; whether it is a diesel engine or a gasoline engine. Because the fire is still controlled to burn under the hood in the early stage of the fire, there is no heat convection, and there are relatively few combustibles. The fire is slower to burn and is beneficial to the rescue. This is the same as the "control first, then eliminate" fire fighting principle. At this time, you can use the fire extinguisher in the vehicle to spray the fire at the gap of the engine cover and aim at the fire site to control the fire as much as possible.

How to protect spontaneous combustion

"Many motorists believe that the loss caused by the spontaneous combustion of the car is not the loss of the car? Since the insurance is insured, it should be compensated." Fire experts said that in fact this is a misunderstanding. If you want to protect spontaneous combustion, you must buy "spontaneous combustion." risk". Generally, the quality of new cars is guaranteed by the manufacturers, so from the existing data, there are few private new cars to buy spontaneous combustion insurance. However, as the service life of the car becomes longer, the vehicle condition declines, and the vehicle aged more than 3 years can be considered to purchase "spontaneous combustion insurance" according to the actual situation.

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