Sunday, June 28, 2020

Car repair and maintenance: upgrade tires must avoid "mix and match"

After the new car has passed the running-in period, many car owners will begin to consider upgrading the tires to improve the vehicle's handling and driving fun. However, if it is "improperly upgraded", it will leave hidden safety hazards for the car. The reporter recently interviewed professional masters, who proposed the following upgrade suggestions for the majority of car owners.

Car maintenance: upgrade tires should not "mix and match"

It is recommended to be the same as the original tire specifications

The frequency of vehicle use and the driving road conditions are an important basis for selecting and upgrading tires. If the car is used every day, the wear resistance of the tires may be the most important issue for car owners.

Sporty wide tires have good ground adhesion, but they also wear out quickly. At the same time, in order to pursue speed, the tread pattern will be reduced as much as possible, so the performance of the tire on wet ground will not be ideal. If the vehicle is often used in rainy and humid areas, a set of wetland tires that are known for wetland adhesion and drainage performance should be a good choice.

Because when a vehicle manufacturer equips a car with tires, for the sake of overall cost, it will save costs at the expense of part of the tire performance. So most consumers upgrade their tires, which is actually an upgrade of the control grade and quality. It is generally recommended to replace tires with the same specifications as the original matching tires but with higher grades. For example, the use of higher speed tires or the use of higher ply tires are common upgrade methods. The performance improvement of the whole vehicle brought by them can not be achieved by the original tires.

Choose the same pattern tire

Experts remind car lovers to pay attention to choosing tires with the same pattern when upgrading tires to ensure the safe use of the upgraded vehicles.

If the wear level, structure and specifications of the tires are inconsistent, it will not only affect the service life of the tires, but more importantly, it will cause inconsistent braking resistance of the car. When the car needs rapid braking at high speed, the resistance of the tires will make the four wheels unevenly stressed. , It is easy to cause traffic accidents caused by uncontrolled vehicles. So remember, do not "mix and match" when upgrading tires, choose tires with the same pattern, so that is the correct upgrade method.

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