Sunday, June 28, 2020

Car paint/interior/tire maintenance vary, gentle care has tips

Car maintenance is a common thing, but it is not easy to maintain the car. The painted surface of the car is very fragile, and maintenance requires the gentle manner of the owner. In addition, in addition to regular cleaning, the maintenance of the interior of the car body is prone to dust accumulation in the unremarkable corners, and netizens need to pay more attention to avoid affecting the safety of the occupants.

Efficient waxing method

Most people will directly apply the fine wax after finishing the coarse wax. However, construction in this way does not fully realize the benefits of wax products. Because the previous layer of coarse wax will affect the adhesion of the outer fine wax and reduce the durability of the fine wax. Therefore, after the coarse wax is applied, it is best to wash the body with clean water and wipe it dry, and then apply an appropriate amount of fine wax. At the same time, it is best to wait for a while after applying the fine wax. After the inner wax has penetrated into the paint surface and is slightly dry, polish it again. This can not only increase its durability, but also make the car show a more ideal gloss.

Car body interior maintenance

If the window is dirty, you can use the window detergent in the storage tank to clean it. Of course, you can also clean it with clean water, but the efficiency is not so high, and the brightness is not enough. At the same time, because the oil film cannot be cleaned, the oil film is liable to produce colorful spots in the sun, which affects the driver's sight and must be removed as soon as possible. There are special glass detergents on the market, and it would be more ideal to spray another layer of window glass condensate.

Tire cleaning

Just like the car body needs beauty, tires are more likely to get dirty due to direct contact with the ground. General dust and dirt should be rinsed with water. However, if asphalt, oil, etc. stick to it, it will not be washed away. Now there is a special pressure tank type tire cleaning agent, as long as a spray on the side of the tire, it can dissolve these dirty things and make the tire look new.

Car window glass maintenance

The hygiene of the car should be that the owner must clean the ashtray every day, wipe the window, pick up the instrument panel, take care of the mats, pedals, etc. Secondly, high-end cars are mostly leather seats. Since leather is a natural thing, chemical cleaning agents cannot be sprayed on casually. Strongly alkaline cleaning agents, such as soapy water, should be used. After washing, dry them with cotton paper towels. As for the fabric seat, it is relatively simple to handle.

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