Sunday, June 28, 2020

Car Maintenance Common Sense Four Methods of Protecting Car Leather Seat

In car maintenance, we usually introduce maintenance methods such as engines, tires, car paint, etc., often neglecting detailed maintenance, and seats are one of them.

Since the seat is in contact with the human body every day, it is the fat of the human body that causes the greatest harm to the dermis, and some other damage from the outside world is also extremely harmful to it. If you do not maintain for a long time, it will cause the cortex to become hard and dirty, and the final result is cracking. Experts suggest that it is best to add a layer of protective wax to the leather chair within 15 days after the new car and the leather chair have just been refitted to facilitate the car owner's usual care. In order to keep the leather shiny as new year round, under normal circumstances, it is best to give the leather chair a second care every month.

Experts also recommended four simple and easy leather maintenance methods for readers:

1. As far as possible, the leather chair of the car should be two feet away from the heat source. If it is too close to the heat source, it will cause the leather to dry;

2. Do not expose to the sun for a long time, so as to avoid discoloration of the leather;

3. Regular cleaning and maintenance, use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dust;

4. After cleaning, do not use a hair dryer to quickly dry the leather, it should be dried naturally.

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