Sunday, June 28, 2020

Car love or ruin? 7 daily "car abuse" replays

Many car owners think that they "love" the car, but in fact some common maintenance methods are to inadvertently abuse their car. In order to let the car owners understand the shortcomings in daily maintenance, we have specifically listed the following ten cases of car abuse. Careful car owners will see if you have had similar experiences.

1. The sun rushes into the car

Event replay: Will spring be far behind in summer? In summer, some car owners impose their shower-like habits on the body. I drove the car for a day and gave it a cold shower to cool down. Most car owners will find that after taking a shower, the car will immediately serve a marsh dish. When the car was pulled to the repair shop, the owner of the car still had a vibe: "I'm doing it for it!"

Experts say: thermal expansion and contraction is the simplest physical principle. After exposure and driving, the temperature of the paint surface and the engine are very high. At this time, you have to wash inside and out, good guy, the paint surface is just as good as you are tortured, at most it will be a piece of paint in the future, but the engine will strike immediately, not let you spend thousands of dollars. Resume work.

2. Add mushroom head

Replay of the event: The car has been driving for a long time and it feels "no energy". If more air can enter the engine to allow gasoline to burn more fully, so that the power can not be improved? So some car owners took the intake system for granted Modification: It is better to install the "mushroom head" directly at the air inlet. I heard that this can increase the air intake of the car, the engine "eats" a lot, and the power is naturally enhanced. And the price is cheap, as long as 300-500 yuan, why not do it.

Experts say: "Mushroom head" scientific name is high-flow style. It is a high-performance air filter. In theory, it can indeed increase the air flow in the engine, make the combustion in the engine compartment more full, and improve the power performance. However, for the air with a large amount of fine sand and dust in the north, increasing the intake air volume will also bring more fine sand and dust into the cylinder, causing early wear of the engine and affecting the power performance of the engine.

3. Scattering fragrance in the car

Event replay: The smell in the car is always cold and unpopular, so drivers like to put some car perfume, air freshener and the like in the car. The car was fragrant and smelled bad.

Experts say: Air fresheners are synthesized from various chemical components such as ether and essence. It does not decompose harmful gases, but only covers the odor by emitting fragrance, and "dilute" the odor by confusing people's sense of smell. The gas produced after these substances are chemically decomposed in the air is itself an air pollutant, but it aggravates the degree of air pollution in the car. Long-term use will cause adverse stimulation to the human body, and inferior fragrances will also harm the human nervous system.

4. The more oil you add, the better

Event replay: It's time to change the oil. Some car owners wanted to better "understand" their car, so they filled up the engine oil. They believe that the more oil added, the better the engine's lubricating effect, and it can also reduce the frequency of oil replenishment, saving trouble and money.

Experts say: If there is too much oil, it will increase the work load inside the engine. When the engine is working, the crankshaft and connecting rod will violently stir, which will not only increase the internal power loss of the engine, but also increase the fuel consumption. As a result, the increased oil splashed on the cylinder wall is prone to burning oil, resulting in poor engine lubrication. The amount of oil should be controlled within an appropriate range, between the upper and lower engraved lines of the oil scale.

5. Add a seat on the seat

Event replay: Summer is coming, it's really uncomfortable to sit for a long time. Regardless of leather seats or knitted interiors, it is easy to make people sweat. Without affecting the image, you can't focus on driving. It is better to add a bamboo mat to sit cool and the price is not expensive. There is no need to turn on the air conditioner when it is not too hot, and the fuel consumption has dropped.

Experts say: This type of mat has low friction, whether it is accelerating or braking, it is easy to let the body slide when braking, and also minimize the protection ability of the seat belt. Compared with the little oil money saved, safety should be put first.

6. Feel free to change the wide tire

Event replay: Looking at the sports cars, some car owners feel itchy, no, our "old car" must also be exercised, let's change to a sporty wide tire. The enlarged wheels and wider treads look more handsome, and they can increase the braking force of your car. One day you can have a "drift" flick... but what's the matter? Fuel consumption has also gone up. It is also easy to pack and puncture.

Experts say that changing the width of the tire actually reduces the flatness ratio of the tire, so that under the same outer diameter, the tire wall will be relatively thinner. Increasing the tire width will increase the friction between the car and the ground. Manipulation is more advantageous. However, the thinned tire wall will also be more likely to break the inner ply when passing through the pothole road, resulting in the unsupported rubber layer partially wrapped up, and the chance of flat tires has also increased a lot. And increasing the friction with the ground also means that the car's fuel consumption will increase accordingly. In addition, the lower the flatness ratio of the tire, the worse the shock absorption effect.

7. Remove the three-way catalyst

Event replay: Xiao Zhang, the owner of the car, has been playing with the car for so many years. Anyway, he is a half-expert, and he likes to "operate" himself on the body if he is fine. This time, he was thinking about making his car drive more "cow", so he aimed at the three-way catalyst in the exhaust system, he could not care about environmental protection, how does this three-way catalyst look at the exhaust It's blocked. Dismantle! Let's change it straight. Hey! It's not long since I'm proud, eh? This exhaust sound is loud, but how can it feel less powerful than before?

Experts say: The three-way catalyst is the most important external purification device installed in the automobile exhaust system. It can convert the three harmful gases emitted by the exhaust gas into harmless carbon dioxide, water and nitrogen through redox. When the three-way catalytic converter is removed, the rumbling exhaust sound does bring a car-like auditory stimulation to the owner, but it cannot achieve the effect of enhancing power for most of the current EFI vehicles. Because it is different from the carburetor cars in the past, the intake air volume of the EFI car is controlled by the computer. Even if the exhaust air volume is increased, the intake air volume does not change, and the actual effect has not changed.

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