Monday, June 29, 2020

Car circuit system must be well maintained. Improper modification will have serious consequences.

When it comes to car maintenance, many car owners will be very concerned about regular car washing, changing the three filters, cleaning the oil road... These are very common, but car circuits are often easily overlooked by car owners. In the summer, car spontaneous combustion accidents increased dramatically. Many car owners do not understand what caused it. In the final analysis, it may be caused by problems such as circuit aging.

Car circuit fire is the main cause of spontaneous combustion

Common faults in automotive circuits are: open circuit, short circuit, damage to electrical equipment, etc. In spontaneous combustion accidents, car circuit fires accounted for a large proportion of spontaneous combustion events. Among them, the aging of circuit lines and the overload of automobile circuits are both reasons. First, because the temperature of the ignition coil is very high when the engine is operating, it is easy to soften, aging, and crack the insulation layer of the high-voltage ignition wire. The ignition high-voltage electricity easily breaks down the insulation layer, resulting in high-voltage electrical leakage and short circuit, which leads to spontaneous combustion Secondly, modern automobiles have more and more electronic control technologies, and the application of intelligent vehicles has greatly increased the corresponding power consumption of automotive electronics. The load space of the circuit system on the car is limited, and the car microcomputer, electronic components, and various sensor circuit systems are easy to cause damage. Due to the large amount of additional electronic equipment added to the car, it may also increase the burden on the car circuit, which may cause a spontaneous fire.

In addition, the old wear of the automotive electronic circuit system will cause the car to consume more and more fuel, the throttle is not smooth, the ignition efficiency is not high, the gear shift is not smooth, and the power is insufficient. These small problems that move around the body are related to the power supply of the vehicle, and if they are not careful, they will become an unsolvable problem.

Wet and corrosive circuit in rain

Some car owners will encounter a situation where the engine is not easy to start or weak when it is raining. The biggest reason for this problem is the leakage of electricity from the ignition system due to moisture. If the above situation occurs, wait for a certain period of time after the vehicle is completely shut down to cool down, dry the inside and outside of the distribution board and the wires with a dry cloth, and then go to the repair shop to check it. If it is due to aging leakage, it must be replaced in time. Car circuit system maintenance is one of the core contents of car maintenance, especially for vehicles that have been used for more than three years, it is very important to go to the repair shop for a thorough car circuit system maintenance every year. The master reminded that if you find that the fuel consumption of your car suddenly increases and is not normal, then you should go to the 4S shop to check the car's oil circuit and circuit. Generally, if the car's oil circuit and circuit are faulty, the engine will increase during operation. Large fuel injection increases natural fuel consumption.

In addition, the installation of electrical appliances and the modification of circuits are also important causes of short-circuits and spontaneous combustion of automobiles.

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