Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Can't tell the difference between early pregnancy and menstrual signs? Master these tricks, so as not to make a big oolong

In fact, many women in life are inseparable from early pregnancy and menstrual signs. We might as well grasp the following tricks, so as not to make a big oolong like my girlfriends.

From the mental state

Early pregnancy and menstrual signs will change the woman's mental state. However, the state of fatigue, fatigue and drowsiness in early pregnancy are usually persistent and can not be relieved for many days. Moreover, there is generally no feeling of backache.

However, the fatigue of the menstrual signs usually lasts only a day or two, and soon recovers. But at the same time, it may be accompanied by feelings of backache discomfort, which will continue until the menstrual period.

From the change of chest

In general, there will be some changes in women's chest during early pregnancy and menstrual signs. In early pregnancy, due to the stimulation of progesterone, the chest will become tingling, bloating and itching, and then the color of the areola will also deepen, and the veins under the breast (often referred to as blue tendons) will also be obvious. However, the chest changes before menstruation are only full of pain, generally no other symptoms.

From the change of appetite

Early pregnancy and menstrual signs will change appetite. There are two kinds of changes in appetite in early pregnancy: one is poor appetite and poor appetite. One is that the appetite becomes better, and there are many greedy things, such as suddenly wanting to eat sour and spicy food, and the amount of food is also greatly increased.

However, there is usually only one change in appetite for menstrual menstruation, that is, the appetite becomes better and the amount of meals increases, and energy is needed for the next "blood discharge". However, this change in menstrual precursors will not be greedy for some food, but simply have an appetite for food.

From the skin color

The last point is from the skin color, whether a woman is pregnant early or is at a precursor to menstruation. In the case of early pregnancy, the woman's spirit is poor and her skin will become dull and dull. With menstrual signs, women's skin will be dull, yellow, greasy, and some women with sensitive constitutions will have acne on their faces.

Knowing these differences, women who do not want to become pregnant do not have to worry about whether the "big aunt" will not come every month, or if contraception will fail. And women who are in the process of preparing for pregnancy can also use these symptoms of early pregnancy to judge pregnancy, and then pay careful attention to confirm the diagnosis as soon as possible.

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