Friday, June 26, 2020

Can you still drink white tea for eight years?

Ordinary tea has a short shelf life. After the shelf life, even if it is preserved well, the aroma of the tea has disappeared, but white tea is different. The longer it is stored, the longer the tea tastes, the richer and more fragrant the tea is. "Three years of medicine and seven years of treasure" says that white tea of ​​five to six years can be regarded as old white tea. Old white tea of ​​ten to twenty years is already very rare. The longer the storage time of white tea, the higher its medicinal value, so the old white tea is extremely collectible. The collection value of white tea "The longer the storage time of white tea, the higher its medicinal value, so it has great collection value". This view has been widely recognized in the industry.

One year tea, three years medicine, seven years treasure

"One-year tea": Because white tea is a micro-fermented tea, the first-year white tea just made is close to the taste of green tea, and the tea will be cold. Therefore, it is not recommended to drink for people with cold body, and the taste is relatively thin, maybe The tasting is slightly less abundant.

"Three-year medicine": But white tea is so wonderful. If she is kept for two or three years, the internal ingredients of the tea will slowly change during storage, the aroma will turn old, and the soup color will gradually change from apricot green to apricot yellow or deeper. some. When drinking, the aroma is mellow and the taste gradually softens. Tea nature also turns from 凉 to warm.

"Seven-year treasure": To be precise, white tea is considered to be old white tea after being stored for five or six years. With the aging of time, the aging of the contents of white tea has become more and more mellow. The coexistence with Chen Xiang is still the unique fragrance of white tea. The taste is fragrant, the soup color is amber, red and transparent. When you reach this year's white tea, drink a few cups of hot old white tea and you will feel a lot easier for the whole person.

White tea best tasting period

The first tasting period: just 6 months after it was made, such as the spring tea that was just made and placed for five or six months, the new tea at this time, the water vapor first faded, the tea was heavy, the tea was strong, and the taste was green Astringent also has fullness, the advantages and disadvantages are clear at a glance, the fragrance is overflowing.

The second tasting period: It is a period of about 3 to 5 years. At this time, the water in the tea has faded, and after the aging period, its endoplasm gradually precipitates, the taste tends to be stable, and the sense of thickness is enhanced. Fragrant dates began to appear.

The third tasting period: It is about seven or eight years. After seven to eight years of aging, Fuding white tea will slowly appear, the aroma will transform into infinite possibilities in the years, and the original floral fragrance will be transformed into fruit honey. , Or similar to the faint aroma of Chinese medicine.

Tea of ​​more than seven years has a certain medicinal value, which has a certain medicinal value. It has obvious health-care effects such as reducing inflammation, reducing fire, protecting the liver and the liver, and nourishing the stomach and stomach.

The fourth tasting period: it is natural white tea that has been stored for 15-20 years. The tea at this stage is truly "priceless without market". The 15-20 year old white tea has a rich aroma and precious medicinal aromas and dates. Fragrance, ginseng, etc., the taste is mellow and smooth, especially the health care effect is unmatched, the effect is more significant, and it has a good effect for reducing the three high and nourishing the stomach and stomach.

One thing that needs special explanation is that there are very few old white teas in the 15th and 20th years. The price of Fuding white tea in this year has reached thousands of cakes. When buying this kind of Fuding white tea for such a long time, you must be careful and careful.

Based on the above, white tea that has been stored for eight years is indeed a treasure. It has very high nutritional value, its tea properties have become mild, and the tea soup is mellow and refreshing, but it must be sure that it has not deteriorated.

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