Friday, June 26, 2020

Can you drink Longjing tea for a long time?

Longjing tea belongs to green tea. Green tea is a professional tea merchant that can only guarantee that it will not taste for three months. If it is stored in the freezer for one year, it has passed the best drinking period, but it does not mean that it has deteriorated and deteriorated. After the best drinking period, it does not mean that it has deteriorated and deteriorated, but it tastes worse and can still be drunk. So can I drink tea after a long time?

How long can Longjing be kept

West Lake Longjing is a famous product in green tea. Many people admire the name of Longjing. Every year, when new tea is listed, many people will go to China Tea King Mall, No. 288 Jianguo North Road, to buy and purchase authentic West Lake Longjing new tea, so buy such a noble atmosphere. West Lake Longjing Tea should know how to preserve it, and try to achieve the quality without damage within the shelf life. Generally speaking, the shelf life of West Lake Longjing is around 18 months, and many tea packages will indicate the words "need to be refrigerated, sealed, and dried". It seems that if you want to keep the tea quality, it is also very good to choose a good storage method. necessary.

How long to drink Longjing is best

It is best to buy the tea that you buy home within half a year, because the quality of West Lake Longjing tea during this period is the best, the taste of the tea will be lighter than half a year, and its contents will slowly drain away. If the tea has been stored for more than a year and a half or West Lake Longjing has become moldy and spoiled due to improper storage, it cannot be consumed. Longjing does not need to wash tea, but let the boiling water cool to about 85 degrees Celsius before brewing, so as not to overheat the cooked tea leaves.

Why is Longjing delicious?

In order to facilitate drinking, the Longjing can be packed into 0.5 kg packets, placed in a tank with massive lime (non-absorbed and weathered lime) on the bottom and sealed with a lid to avoid direct sunlight and stored at low temperature. As long as it can be stored properly, about half a month to a month later, the aroma of Longjing tea will be more fragrant and rich, and the taste will be more fresh and refreshing. After being stored for one year, the dried Longjing tea can still maintain the green, fragrant and mellow quality.

There is no mildew in the Chenhu tea in Longjing, West Lake. Of course, it can also be drunk. However, for green tea like Longjing, it will turn yellow and deteriorate in quality when stored for a long time. If Longjing tea is well preserved, the taste will be mellow, and no new tea will be irritating. Longjing belongs to green tea. If it is left for too long, the polyphenols and chlorophyll in the tea will be slowly oxidized, causing the quality characteristics of Longjing to be weakened. Black tea represented by Pu'er is different. It is fermented by microorganisms and extracellular enzymes to promote the formation of black tea quality. This process takes a certain amount of time, and some specific substances of black tea will also be formed. However, if the time passes Long, then the nutrients in the tea will definitely be consumed.

The efficacy of West Lake Longjing is determined by its quality. If there is no deterioration, the nutrients contained in Longjing Tea may be reduced, but they still exist. These ingredients have not been changed or disappeared. They still have some effects. The efficacy of West Lake Longjing Tea is also Will not change. As for the old tea in West Lake Longjing, it is not moldy, but has a special effect. There is no basis for it and cannot be taken lightly.

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