Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Can you distinguish neuropathy, neurosis, mental illness?

In daily life, people often use the word "neuropathy" when joking or scolding people. In fact, what people want to express is mainly the meaning of "mental illness". The average person does not know exactly what is the relationship between neuropathy, neurosis, and mental illness, and sometimes even thinks they are the same thing. In fact, the three concepts are very different.


Neurosis, also known as neurosis and psychosis, is a group of non-psychotic functional disorders. Its common characteristics are: a group of psychogenic mental disorders, personality factors, psychosocial factors are the main factors causing disease, but non-stress disorders, is a group of functional disorders, the nature of the disorder is functional non-organic; Both symptomatic and somatic symptoms; have certain personality traits but not personality disorders; each subtype has its characteristic clinical phase; neurosis is reversible, exacerbated by external stress, otherwise the symptoms are reduced or disappeared; social function is relatively good , Full of self-knowledge.


Neuropathy is the abbreviation of nervous system disease, also known as epilepsy, sheep epilepsy, crazy disease, fox daxian. The nervous system is an important system in the human body. It coordinates the functions of various internal organs of the human body to adapt to changes in the external environment and plays the role of "command." All conditions that can damage and destroy the nervous system can cause neurological diseases. For example, head trauma can cause concussion or brain contusion and laceration; bacterial, fungal, and viral infections can cause various types of encephalitis or meningitis; congenital or genetic diseases can cause brain retardation in children; hypertensive cerebral arteriosclerosis Can cause cerebral hemorrhage and so on.

Mental illness

Psychosis refers to a serious psychological disorder in which the patient’s cognitive, emotional, will, and behavioral behaviors can have persistent and obvious abnormalities; they cannot study, work, and live normally; the behavioral behavior is difficult for ordinary people to understand; Under the control of morbid psychology, there are actions that commit suicide or attack or hurt others.

Existing instruments and equipment cannot detect destructive changes in brain structure. According to the available data, psychosis is caused by the disorder of the biochemical process in the brain of some patients. Some patients have more central nervous media, and some are lacking some central nervous media, or some metabolites in the body are in the brain. Caused by excessive accumulation. Due to the abnormal brain function of mental patients, these patients have obviously abnormal mental activities, such as somehow talking to themselves, crying and laughing, sometimes facing the wall or swearing at the air, sometimes poorly dressed, even naked in front of the public .

However, there is sometimes a connection between neuropathy and mental illness. For example, neurological patients such as encephalitis, brain tumors, brain trauma, and epilepsy are often accompanied by mental symptoms, and some of them are also highlighted by mental symptoms. But combined with the medical history and comprehensive physical examination, it is not difficult to identify them. Neuropathy should be diagnosed and treated in the Department of Brain, and mental disease should be diagnosed and treated in a psychiatric specialist hospital.

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