Thursday, June 25, 2020

Can vitamin C be eaten often

Vitamins are a collective name for a series of organic compounds. They are the micronutrients needed by organisms and are generally obtained through diet. Vitamins regulate the metabolism of organisms. A lack of vitamins can cause serious health problems, but excessive intake of vitamins can lead to poisoning, so it is best to take vitamins in moderation. Only in this way can you maintain a strong and healthy body. So can vitamin C be eaten often? Let's take a look at it together.

There are many ways to prevent cancer. As far as vitamins are concerned, the effects of vitamins A and C are the most ideal. Smokers are prone to lung cancer if they lack vitamin A. In addition, vitamin A can also be used to prevent bowel cancer, bladder cancer, skin cancer and breast cancer. In addition to its preventive effect on cancer, vitamin C also has a detoxifying effect on carcinogens.

However, medicinal vitamin A capsules and vitamin C are not suitable for long-term use. A large amount of short-term application of vitamin A can cause acute poisoning, and a long-term continuous application of large amount of vitamin A can cause chronic poisoning. Excessive long-term use of vitamin A is also prone to liver cell necrosis or cirrhosis, which will cause pituitary, adrenal, gonad, thyroid and other dysfunction, and change the shape and function of the kidney. A small number of patients will also have renal tubular cell necrosis and kidney disease. Calcification and so on.

Excessive use of vitamin C can cause acute attacks in patients with gout; urine urine sugar qualitative test in diabetic patients is false negative; stool occult blood test in patients with gastrointestinal bleeding is false negative, which affects clinical diagnosis. Taking large amounts of vitamin C on an empty stomach can also cause abdominal pain, diarrhea, skin rash, excessive stomach acid, and reflux of gastric juice. Moreover, large doses of vitamin C can also affect the metabolic effects of various drugs, causing individual thrombosis and so on.

Through the understanding of the above content, I believe everyone knows that vitamin C can be eaten often. No matter what, only moderate amounts can maintain physical health, so everyone must be careful not to overdose when eating.

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