Friday, June 26, 2020

Can someone with a bad stomach drink white tea?

The problem of bad stomach is a very common phenomenon, usually caused by irregular life or other reasons. As for friends who drink tea, if you have a bad stomach, you need to pay more attention to choosing your own suitable tea. Then, for white tea, can people with bad stomach drink white tea?

People with bad stomach can drink white tea, especially suitable for drinking old white tea. Alternating winter and spring, many friends will be troubled by gastrointestinal problems. In spring, the weather gets warmer and many bacteria begin to breed. If you don't pay attention, you will easily get upset. At this time, a cup of old white tea can not only reduce inflammation and sterilize but also nourish the stomach, it is the best choice.

Stomach is bad, drink old white tea. Laobai tea can help digestion, promote appetite, can significantly stimulate gastric acid secretion, and promote gastric motility. Drinking white tea should not be too strong, usually 150 grams of water with 5 grams of tea is enough. The amount of white tea is generally only 5 grams per person per day, the elderly should not be too much. If you drink too much, it will be "very bad", but it will not play the role of health care.

Here is a reminder to everyone. People with weak kidneys, heart disease with fast heartbeat, severely hypertensive patients, severe constipation, severe neurasthenia, and iron-deficiency anemia should not drink strong tea or fasting tea. .

White tea's natural "antioxidant" effect:

The content of flavonoids in white tea is as high as 2.025%, which is the highest among all teas, 17.2 times that of fresh leaves, with good antioxidant effect, 15-21 times that of other teas, the flavonoid content of white tea processing will increase 16.2 times. Flavonoids are natural antioxidants, which have a strong antioxidant effect, can effectively neutralize the active radicals generated by ultraviolet rays and environmental pollution, and have a certain effect on the color and taste of white tea soup. Modern scientific research has found that the antioxidant capacity of white tea is 10 times that of vitamin E and 20 times that of vitamin C. The efficacy and effect of a cup of white tea is equal to 12 cups of orange juice.

The longer the white tea year, the more obvious the effect of reducing blood sugar:

Due to the special processing technology of white tea, the active enzymes necessary for the human body and less content of other teas are better retained. Drinking white tea for a long time can significantly improve the lipoprotein lipase in the human body, promote fat catabolism, and effectively control the amount of insulin secretion. Delay the absorption of glucose in the body, break down excess sugar in the body, and promote blood sugar balance.

Drinking white tea can promote a large amount of secretion of pancreatic juice, leading to changes in glucose metabolism in the body, reducing the source of blood glucose and increasing the way out, thereby lowering blood glucose. In practice, it is found that the longer the year is, the more obvious the effect of reducing blood sugar is, and the effect of Baihaoyinzhen is better than that of white peony.

Japanese medical doctor Ogawa Kochiro, M.D., and Tian Yi, etc., when treating tuberculosis patients with diabetes, accidentally discovered that white tea has a significant effect on diabetes. The Kyoto Imperial University Hospital and the Prefectural Hospital conducted clinical trials on 10 diabetic patients and found that white tea has a significant effect on chronic diabetes: not only in Japan, but also in Quanzhou People’s Hospital in China, it is treated with "Songcha" (70 years old white tea) Diabetes has an effective rate of 70%.

It can be seen that white tea can indeed be cited for poor stomach, but it is important not to drink too much, and white tea should not be used on an empty stomach. Otherwise, even if the white tea is good, drinking it on an empty stomach will cause certain irritation to the stomach. Always, if a friend with a bad stomach is drinking white tea, pay more attention to it and drink white tea correctly.

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