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Can the sealed tea expire?

As one of the foods, tea also has a shelf life, but the shelf life of tea is related to its variety. The shelf life of different varieties is naturally different. Some teas have a long shelf life, while some teas are relatively short, such as green tea. Usually short. So, can the sealed tea expire after drinking? Let's take a look below.

Can the sealed tea expire?

Can the sealed tea expire after drinking?

Whether tea expires or not depends on the situation.

The dryness of tea sold outside is very high, and the method of preservation and sealing is also very scientific. The shelf life of this tea is generally very long. If it is not opened, the tea will not be damp, even if it expires after a period of time, you can drink it. Has little effect.

However, some tea leaves are relatively dry, and they are often placed on a relatively damp tea table, which is easy to absorb water and moisture. This kind of tea will deteriorate faster. If the shelf life is exceeded, the nature of the tea has changed, so don’t drink it. , Health first.

Can the sealed tea expire?

Shelf life of different teas

1. Green tea

Green tea has the shortest shelf life. Because green tea is not fermented in the production process, it is easy to deteriorate. Generally speaking, the shelf life at normal temperature is about 1 year. If it is not stored properly, it may begin to appear yellow or smelly in 8 or 9 months.

2. Yellow tea

The production process of yellow tea is only a dull yellow process than green tea. The presence of yellow tea is relatively low, and it is rarely sold on the market. Its shelf life is similar to that of green tea, generally about one year.

3. White tea

White tea is a lightly fermented tea, which is relatively simple to make and fully maintains the original flavor of the tea leaves. Because of fermentation, the shelf life is greatly extended. As the saying goes: "One year of tea, three years of medicine, and seven years of treasure." When white tea was consumed that year, the tea was cold and cold, and the medicinal properties were lower. After being placed in a certain year, the taste will not rise but increase, and the medicinal properties will be more obvious.

Can the sealed tea expire?

4. Green tea

Green tea, or oolong tea, is a semi-fermented tea. Generally speaking, it is about 18 months if it is placed in the refrigerator for refrigeration. Those roasted, such as Wuyi Rock Tea, can still be drunk even after 2 years. If it is Tieguanyin in traditional old crafts, commonly known as "old iron", as long as it is stored properly, the longer the better.

5. Black tea

Black tea is a fully fermented tea with a long shelf life and can be kept for more than 2 years. However, in general, even if it is stored properly, it will smell bad for more than 2 years, so try not to drink it after 2 years.

6. Black tea

Black tea is basically post-fermented tea, which has the characteristics of becoming more and more fragrant. Generally speaking, loose tea is stored for 3 to 5 years, and the taste has reached the best level. If you squeeze the tea, it will be about 10 to 15 years.

Can the sealed tea expire?

How to judge whether the tea has deteriorated?

Keep tea dry, sealed, protected from light, and cool. If the tea leaves appear in the following situations, no matter whether the shelf life has passed, such tea can no longer be consumed.

1. Obvious discoloration

It is normal for the color of the tea to darken after a long time. For example, after five years of storage, the color of white tea will change from apricot yellow to dark yellow to reddish brown, but the tea soup has always been transparent and bright. It should be noted that if the tea soup not only becomes darker, but also becomes dark brown and turbid, there is no translucent feeling at all, and such tea is likely to be deteriorated.

2. Odor appears

Tea is very absorbent, and if it is placed with something that smells bad, or if it is not sealed well before being placed in the refrigerator, it is easy to smell. If you smell a camphor pill or oily smell, the tea is better not to drink.

Can the sealed tea expire?

3. Soften and mildew

The optimal moisture content of tea is about 5%. If the moisture content exceeds 10%, the tea will be easily affected by moisture and mold. Normal tea leaves feel crisp and easy to break. If the tea leaves are soft, feel wet, or smell musty, then the tea must have deteriorated and can no longer be consumed.

How to save tea?

1. Place the tea leaves in a dry, odor-free, sealable container bottle and put it in the freezer of the refrigerator. If the quantity of tea is small and very dry, it can also be packed and sealed with a two-layer film bag with good moisture resistance and placed in the refrigerator.

2. Put the tea leaves into the iron tea pot with double cover, it is best to fill it without leaving gaps, so that there is less air in the pot. The double-layer lid should be tightly closed, and the gap between the lids should be glued together, and the tea canister should be put into two layers of nylon bags, and the mouth should be sealed to achieve the best storage effect.

3. Use hot water bottles with good thermal insulation performance, plug the bottle tightly with a wooden stopper and seal with white wax, and wrap it with tape to keep the tea leaves stored for a longer time.

Can the sealed tea expire?

This article is introduced here. Whether the tea has expired can not be fully referenced to the shelf life. It is more necessary to observe whether the tea has deteriorated. If it deteriorates and smells during storage, it cannot be consumed even if it has not expired. Therefore, when you do not drink, you must take the correct method to preserve it, ensure that the quality of the tea is not affected, and try to finish it within the shelf life, so that you can taste the pure taste of the tea.

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