Monday, June 22, 2020

Can newborn pneumonia heal itself

Newborns point out that babies less than 28 days old, once pneumonia occurs in newborns, it is not recommended to treat themselves at home, and should go to a specialized neonatal hospital for consultation. Without effective treatment, the possibility of self-healing is very small. Due to the weak resistance of newborns, it is difficult to limit the lesions. Pathogens are likely to enter the blood circulation of newborns through blood. In severe cases, intracranial infections, such as meningitis, may occur, so in general, neonatal pneumonia cannot heal itself.

Neonatal pneumonia can be caused by infection, including bacteria, viruses, chlamydia, mycoplasma, fungi, etc. If the infection is not controlled in time, complications such as respiratory failure, circulatory failure, sepsis, DIC, shock, and meningitis can occur . Need to combine the baby's symptoms and auxiliary examination results to help diagnose and give corresponding treatment. Neonatal pneumonia may also be caused by inhalation, including amniotic fluid inhalation at birth, milk inhalation after birth, etc. The condition varies, and there may be secondary infectious pneumonia, which also requires close observation of the disease.

In short, neonatal pneumonia has rapid pathological changes and high mortality. It cannot be treated at home or allowed to recover on its own. At the same time, because pneumonia in the neonatal period is a more serious disease, and the disease progresses faster, it is easy to cause other system changes, so you must go to the hospital for treatment.

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