Thursday, June 25, 2020

Can I lose weight by eating sweet potatoes

People who want to lose weight are always concerned about what to eat to lose weight, even starchy sweet potatoes are not overlooked. I wonder if eating sweet potatoes can lose weight? Some people suggest that when buying sweet potatoes, you should choose red stuffed and darker ones. Sweet potatoes are rich in carotene. Want to know whether sweet potatoes can lose weight or not, let's find answers together.

Sweet potato is a common ingredient in daily diet. It is well known that the biggest effect of sweet potato is to adjust the intestine. It contains soluble fiber and a large number of bacteria. It has the effect of detoxification. Because of its low content of fat and calories, it has a certain effect on weight loss (weight loss food) and bodybuilding.

How can sweet potatoes be more nutritious?

1. Avoid eating raw. Many places in the south eat sweet potatoes. Sweet potato has a lot of starch, and it is difficult to digest when eaten raw. It is best to cook it. High temperature heating can also make soluble fiber easy to digest (digest food), make its sugar chain shorter, and increase the sweetness of sweet potato.

2. Avoid eating alone. When eating sweet potatoes, other cereal (cereal) foods should be combined. If eaten alone, the low protein (protein food) content will lead to uneven nutrition intake.

3. Traditionally cutting sweet potatoes into pieces and boiled with rice to make porridge is actually more scientific. Eating too much and exhausting gas is the reason why many people "go far away" for sweet potatoes. Every time you eat about 200 grams of sweet potatoes, there is generally no exhaust embarrassment. It can be avoided with rice and noodles, and served with pickles or a la carte soup. Compared with white flesh, red flesh has higher nutritional value.

How to choose and preserve sweet potatoes?

When buying sweet potatoes, you should choose red stuffed, darker colors, this type of sweet potatoes contain relatively rich carotene. Sweet potatoes are easily frozen and cannot be stored in the refrigerator. Sweet potatoes should be selected in a normal temperature and dry environment. It is best to dry them in the sun before storage to remove moisture.

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